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Professionally-pressed glass mastered compact discs as well as home-dubbed CDr’s and 3″ minis.

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  • Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 4
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Tomorrow Will Be Worse, Vol. 4 Various Artists CD Apr-2005, Sound pollution.

  • Sissy Spacek – Blear (Expanded CD version) (pre-order)
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    An entropic vortex of full-room tear-up texture. Duo lineup of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese. Originally released in 2018 on LP/CS, this crucial CD reissue brings back into a print […]

  • Sissy Spacek — Electric Field In Parallel (pre-order)
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    ‘Another stunning, definitive and beyond harsh release from the arguably the most forward thinking ultra-sonic-destruction unit in the world.’ -Brandon Hill (Fantastique / Starved [...]

  • Sissy Spacek – Reslayer CD (pre-order)
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    ‘Sissy Spacek reaching full maturation – Hyper destructive low end heavy cut ups. Harsh noise from unheard nether-realms.’ -Brandon Hill (Fantastique / Starved Relations) [...]

  • Zola Jesus – Arkhon CD
    $13.00 | , Add To Cart

    There is a way a voice can cut through the fascia of reality, cleaving through habit into the raw nerve of experience. Nika Roza Danilova, the singer, songwriter, and producer […]

  • Daniel Schmidt – Cloud Shadows
    $15.00 | Add To Cart

    Cloud Shadows is the third album by the American gamelan composer, Daniel Schmidt. The pieces in Cloud Shadows, which are quite varied and more current than the work represented on […]

  • Daniel Schmidt – In My Arms, Many Flowers
    $14.00 | , Add To Cart

    What our staff has to say: “Some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. If you’re a local expect to hear me jamming this 3x a week at least. […]

  • New Monuments – Language Is The Skin CD
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    “Language is the Skin” is the fourth full length release by New Monuments, the quartet co-led by Don Dietrich (Borbetomagus) and Ben Hall (Graveyards/Bill Dixon). Hall and Dietrich [...]

  • Qual – Sable CD (Repress) (Pre-Order)
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Full blurb: Third CD reissue of Qual’s debut album Sable from 2015. Elegant 4-side Digipak limited to 500. Qual is Lebanon Hanover’s bassist and vocalist William Maybelline. With his [...]

  • The Agnes Circle – Some Vague Desire CD (Repress) (Pre-Order)
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Second CD reissue of The Agnes Circle debut and so far only album Some Vague Desire from 2016. Elegant 4-side Digipak limited to 500. The Agnes Circle are a London […]

  • Merzbow & Lawrence English – Eternal Stalker CD
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    On their first official collaboration, Japanese noise pioneer Masami Akita aka Merzbow and Australian sound sculptor Lawrence English present a harrowing, surrealist portrait of nocturnal [...]

  • Angel Olsen – Big Time CD
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    Fresh grief, like fresh love, has a way of sharpening our vision and bringing on painful clarifications. No matter how temporary we know these states to be, the vulnerability and […]

  • Takeda – Psychedelic Minimalism Vol 1
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    Psychedelic Minimalism Vol​.​1 is a collection of previously, and very limited, released material. These 4 long-form tracks were recorded on a Tascam 4-track from the beginning to late 2000’s. [...]

  • Bugsy – Teratoma
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Bugsy is an indie pop quartet with flowery flourishes and emo highlights. Strong suits include harmonies vocal and instrumental counter play but not exclusive too. They are fond of animals […]

  • Birth! – I Will
    $6.00 | Add To Cart

    What our staff has to say: “Revisited this Midwest classic after hearing of Doug’s passing. An album ahead of its time – and even though it has been years since […]

  • Sharon Van Etten – We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong
    $10.00$24.00 | , , , , , Add To Cart

    Sharon Van Etten has always been the kind of artist who helps people make sense of the world around them, and her sixth album, We’ve Been Going About This All […]

  • Lawrence English – Viento
    $24.00 | , , , Add To Cart

    A note from Lawrence English: “In the summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to visit Antarctica through an invitation extended by the Argentine Antarctic Division. It was nothing short […]

  • Sudden Infant – Lunatic Asylum
    $14.00 | Add To Cart

    Joke Lanz and Sudden Infant once again return in their razor-sharp trio setting whereby the absurdist nature that Joke’s work is already cut with is reconfigured in a gnarled and […]

  • Y – Pseudo Youth
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Y were a German hardcore punk / Thrash / Fastcore / Powerviolence / Grindcore band from Berlin, Germany.

  • Y – Global Player
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Y were a German hardcore punk / Thrash / Fastcore / Powerviolence / Grindcore band from Berlin, Germany.

  • Uncurbed – Keep The Banner High
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    This is a brutal anthem of a high octane d-beat rock n roll punk as funk recording. Full of amazing riffs, brilliant trade of vocal duties and amazing drumming.

  • Dudoos – Specium Sommer
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    The second album from Japanese punk band ‘The Dudoos’

  • Dudoos – Kog
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Released on sound pollution in 2003

  • ATW – Lipstick
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Cleveland’s ALLERGIC TO WHORES return with a follow-up to their amazing Shadows In The Killingfield CD that was released on Sound Pollution last year. ALLERGIC TO WHORES deals out driving [...]

  • Boom Boom Kid – Smile
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    The second full-length release, from Argentina legends BOOM BOOM KID, Smiles From Chappanoland, is 21 songs loaded with melodic, emotionally charged riffs and soul-stirring vocals. Formed in 2000 [...]

  • Cyness – Our Funeral
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    released June 6, 2006 drums recorded by Nikolaus 07/2005 guitars, bass, vocals recorded by Dirk Kusche 10/2005 CD released by Sound Pollution

  • Danmush – From Here…
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    DANMUSH is an absolutely ass kicking all-woman band from Tokyo Japan that play completely furious hardcore! From Here… contains seven songs ranging in speed from fast paced Japanese [...]

  • Meanwhile – Lawless Solidarity
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    Meanwhile’s 1997 EP Lawless Solidarity

  • Meanwhile – Same Shit New Millennium
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    This album was recorded 27 – 30 July and mixed 13 August 1999 at Ambassaden Ljudstudio, Eskilstuna. Mastered at Rockfile Mastering August 14. Also released on LP.

  • Brody’s Militia – Appalachia
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

      Brand new old stock unearthed from the vaults. Still crushing your skull with style and grace. Double-sided black and white insert with lyrics and photos. Black vinyl. Cover artwork […]

  • Brody’s Militia / WSBS – Split
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    This is the original CD pressing released on Sound Pollution Records in 2003. Eleven raw n’ brutal assaults from Ohio thugs BRODY’S MILITIA followed by twenty-five short bursts of [...]

  • Orquere – Foundations
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    With an explorative approach Orquere organizes concrete sounds into experimental structures of cold and dry sonic landscapes where sounds appear as objects. Stripped down to their bare essence. [...]

  • A.B.O. – Documentation 89-93
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    An exellent glimpse into one of the more poorly lit corners of Swedish experimental sound. This CD collects some of the earliest solo recordings of Joachim Nordwall, under the moniker […]

  • Black Death Cult – Diaspora
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    Enigmatic Canadian prog-death metal unit Black Death Cult have completed work on their new album. Entitled Diaspora, the band traverse even further into the hidden crevices of the “Archaeaeon” [...]

  • Desolate Shrine – Fire Of The Dying World
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    At long last the successor to 2017’s Deliverance From The Godless Void has been unconfined from the clandestine vaults of Dark Descent Records. Aptly titled Fires Of The Dying World, […]

  • Drekka – Examinations – 2016 – 2018 CD
    $8.00 | Add To Cart

    For over twenty years, Mkl Anderson has curated a vast archive of recorded material for his cinematic ambient industrial soundscapes. Working for as many years under the name Drekka, he […]

  • Drekka – Sleeping Patterns Of The Discontent
    $7.00 | Add To Cart

    «One can be a discontent – that is, an insurgent or a revolutionary – but there is also that more literal, personal meaning of the word which may be in […]

  • Drekka – Beings Of ImberIndus
    $8.00 | Add To Cart

    “Beings of ImberIndus” was commissioned as a hexaphonic sound installation to accompany the “Beings of ImberIndus” solo soft sculpture show by Carrie Weaver; presented at [...]

  • Drekka – There Is No Silence Left (Drekka Remix)
    $8.00 | Add To Cart

    “There is no silence left” is a collection of remixes and reworkings by Mkl Anderson of Drekka, released under various monikers between 1996 and 2012. Contains 13 previously [...]

  • Clarence Barlow – Talkmaster’s Choice-Three Versions
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    Previously unreleased recordings from the early ’90s featuring voice recordings manipulated by an Atari computer from the legendary Computer Music pioneer

  • Nikolaus Gerszewski – ART CD
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    Feldmanesque string quartet in 10 parts from contemporary German composer.

  • Kieran Daly – Total Orderings For FLEA
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    New release from singular musician who has consistently pushed the limit musical form.

  • The New Boyfriends – The Fourth Season
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    The fourth installment from this brilliant Finnish duo consisting of APRAPAT and MOGAO, two relative newcomers who have climbed to the top of the pig-pile over the past 2 years. […]

  • K.M Toepfer – Retrace No Steps
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Cold, surgical harsh noise achieving militant purity through unorthodox means. Minimalistic brain drilling, carving, and rolling textures. Latent tones that attack the body’s nodes and trigger [...]

  • Jason Crumer – Ruth
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Ruth is Jason Crumer’s previously inaccessible harsh noise masterpiece. Recorded specifically for CD (and mastered apocalyptically loud) in 2004-05, Ruth was planned for release on numerous [...]

  • SEWER ELECTION+TRERIKSRÖSET – Killing For Germany / Rågsved
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    The collaborative recordings of Sewer Election and Treriksröset throughout the mid-2000s are some of the most singular works of harsh noise orthodoxy ever created, holding a heavy position in the [...]

  • Lacerations
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    Six international artists showcased across two compact discs of shredding sound, clattering depths, power electronics violence, and deafening discordance. Though a diverse compilation, [...]

  • Aaron Dilloway & Jeph Jerman – Casual Collisions
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Casual Collisions is a collaborative album by two of the most prominent voices in experimental sound, Aaron Dilloway and Jerph Jerman. Recorded in 2013 and originally self-released on CDR by […]