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  • Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers – Music of Many Colours
    $25.00 | , Add to cart

    Knitting Factory Records is proud to reissue Music Of Many Colours on limited edition rainbow starburst vinyl, exclusive to Record Store Day. This is the first pressing of the album since the [...]

  • Faunus
    $20.00 | , Read more

    Scholarship, debate, archival material, and esoterica relating to Arthur Machen, a “modern master of the weird tale.”For twenty years, Faunus, the biannual journal of the Friends of Arthur [...]

  • Fernando Pessoa – The Book of Disquiet
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    Fernando Pessoa was many writers in one. He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves, each of which had a distinct biography, ideology, and horoscope. When he died in [...]

  • Fentanyl Fantasy – Blue Heaven
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    Housed in a clear norelco case with a four-panel, double-sided J card. Sticker labels on both sides of cassette shell.

  • Form Hunter – Violent Adaptation
    $9.00 | Add to cart

    Blistering new scorch from the uncompromising Form Hunter duo of S. Aune (Breaking the Will, Kjostad) and W. Czerkies (Sunken Cheek, Goddaughter) that steamrolls scrap metal, splintered hiss and [...]

  • Felt – The Pictorial Jackson Review
    $32.00 | , , Add to cart

    Last Creation Records release from Felt. Relativity/Creation Records – 88561-8234-1 1988 US Media Condition – VG+, couple light scuff marks on side 2 Sleeve Condition – VG, [...]

  • Franco Battiato – Clic
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    On his fourth album, Clic, Franco Battiato moves further out—into realms of pure and elemental approaches to sound—to create a seminal work that flows naturally from one musical form to the next. [...]

  • Faust – Just
    $20.00 | , , Add to cart

    Bureau B – BB182 2014 Germany, vinyl + CD Media Condition – VG+, CD has a few light marks on disc Sleeve Condition – VG+, record comes in original inner, light edge wear

  • Franco Noir – Blu-Ray
    $30.00 | Read more

    Following his international breakthrough with THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF, director Jess Franco next delivered a startling pair of crime-thrillers that pistol-whipped European notions of film noir while [...]

  • Folk Music of Rumania
    $12.00 | , , Read more

    This collection of Romanian folk music showcases two of the country’s most popular musical forms. Considered as belonging to everybody, the doina is “..a song of love, a pantheistic poem, a [...]

  • Franzpeter Goebels – The Story Of the Keyboard Instruments
    $6.00 | , , Add to cart

    This two-part series, performed by Professor Franzpeter Goebels, takes the listener through a soundscape of three keyboard instruments in use before the invention of the modern-day piano: the [...]

  • Florian TM Zeisig – Walking Mix CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    **Ships upon arrival, ~Nov.12th A mix for movement… 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑟𝑡 𝑠𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑦 𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑜𝑤 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑤𝑟𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑛 𝑏𝑦 𝑅𝑜𝑏 𝐺𝑜𝑦𝑎𝑛𝑒𝑠 𝑤ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑒 𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔: As a child, Aggy liked to steal their parents’ phones and send texts to [...]

  • Franzpeter Goebels – The Story Of the Keyboard Instruments Vol. 2
    $5.00 | , , Add to cart

    This two-part series, performed by Professor Franzpeter Goebels, takes the listener through a soundscape of three keyboard instruments in use before the invention of the modern-day piano: the [...]

  • Future Bound Sound – Hauntological Frequencies CS Radio Topo #10
    $5.00 | Read more

    October brings another tape from FUTURE BOUND SOUNDS series AKA Brandon Hill [Plagues, Cloud Rat, Roman Candle] Dubbed onto recycled tapes with xerox j-cards. C60

  • Freddie Vs Jason – Hand Painted Ghanaian Movie Poster – 53″x36″
    $450.00 | Add to cart

    The meeting of the minds from 2003. A larger than our typical grabs, 53″x36″ painted area. Painted on sewn together flour sacks. We leave the excess for you to decide on framing or [...]

  • Friendly Boyfriend – Pick Up!
    $9.00 | , Add to cart

    Previously known as The Ground Pounders – Vihtori & Tyra Hasselrot Uksila have taken their lofi industrial-jangle pop to new realms, embracing their pop-roots to 100%. With the base of [...]

  • Faust – S/T
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    Legendary German post-rock band formed in 1971 by undisputed noise pioneer Uwe Nettelbeck, Faust garnered an immediate following due to its artistically extreme experimentations with music cut [...]

  • Future Bound Sound – Black Wax Foundation – 12/16/12 – Radio Topo #1
    $5.00 | , Add to cart

    All live, all vinyl – mistakes and all – PLAY LOUD!!! 50+minute mix. Edition of 28. All RADIO TOPO mixtapes are dubbed on recycled tapes – high speed STEREO.

  • Fashion Flesh – Withdrawn LP
    $17.00 | , Read more

    Fashion Flesh is the solo-output moniker of John Talaga, based in Bay City, USA, whose music first came to our attention back in 2016 with the release of an excellent 7-inch on Detroit’s Est. ’83 [...]

  • Fashion Flesh ‎– High Esteem CS
    $9.00 | Read more

    In pursuit of his label debut with a mind-boggling full-length player, followed by a tape on Jacktone Records, here comes Fashion Flesh latest effort to date. Showcasing the many sided-zones of [...]

  • Free Music Quintet – Free Music 1& 2
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    ESP-Disk’ present a reissue of Free Music Quintet‘s Free Music 1 and 2, originally released in 1968. Dutch drummer Pierre Courbois, an early adaptor of free jazz, had previously [...]

  • François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley ‎– Cylene
    $31.00 | , Read more

    First time outing from two ardent explorers of peripheral sound tactics. Cylene is the first collaboration by François J. Bonnet (Kassel Jaeger) and Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O)))). Laid bare, [...]

  • Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron (Psychedelic Swirl Vinyl)
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    2021 repress. Aguirre Records present the first official vinyl reissue of Fifty Foot Hose‘s Cauldron, originally released on Limelight in 1967. Cauldron is the legendary psychedelic jazzy [...]

  • Full Of Hell – Auditory Trauma: Full Of Hell Isolation Sessions LP
    $20.00 | , Read more

    FULL OF HELL – “Auditory Trauma: Full Of Hell Isolation Sessions” LP LP on Red vinyl with 12×12 insert ltd to 250 The 3rd release under the band operated imprint and the [...]

  • Flowers of Shanghai – Blu-Ray
    $32.00 | Add to cart

    An intoxicating, time-bending experience bathed in the golden glow of oil lamps and wreathed in an opium haze, this gorgeous period reverie by Hou Hsiao-hsien traces the romantic intrigue, [...]

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Criterion Collection) – Blu-Ray
    $32.00 | Read more

    The wild world of adolescence has rarely been captured with as sharp an observational eye as in this refreshingly smart, frank spin on the teen comedy by director Amy Heckerling and screenwriter [...]

  • Fando Y Lis – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    Surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unique career began with this bizarre tale of corrupted innocence, sadomasochistic love and unattainable paradise. Jodorowsky’s sublime freak-out [...]

  • Facit – Beach Music
    $28.00 | , Add to cart

    The debut fullength from Facit after a few years of silence. Often working as a duo consisting of Joakim Karlsson and Mai Nestor, Facit released a couple of fantastic EPs between 2013 and 2016. [...]

  • Fugazi – S/T
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    This is Fugazi’s debut record, released in 1988. These 7 songs songs were later combined with the 6 tracks from the Margin Walker EP and released on the 13-Songs Maxi CD.

  • Freedom, Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-1983
    $35.00 | , Read more

    Soul Jazz Records are issuing a new flexibound paperback edition of their long out of print ground-breaking deluxe art book Freedom, Rhythm and Sound Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83. This [...]

  • Fade to Black – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    Eric Binford lives for, and if he could have it his way ‘in’, the movies. He works at a 35mm print depot as a delivery boy, but spends all of his free time watching classic films and [...]

  • Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders – Promises
    $15.00 | Read more

    Sam (Floating Points): Pharoah… Pharoah: Huh…? Sam: Were you asleep? I’m sorry… Pharoah: No no… I was listening… and dreaming… and listening to music in [...]

  • Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders – Promises
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Sam (Floating Points): Pharoah… Pharoah: Huh…? Sam: Were you asleep? I’m sorry… Pharoah: No no… I was listening… and dreaming… and listening to music in [...]

  • Femeheim – Peinheil CD
    $15.00 | Add to cart

      Label Description: “Peinheil” is the fourth full-length from German power electronics act Femeheim. Following in the footsteps of Anenzephalia, Dagda Mor, Advokat Ihrer Hoheit, [...]

  • Female Species – Tales Of My Lost Love
    $22.00 | , Read more

    Behold the Female Species! A once-in-a-decade discovery of two sisters, married to music for life, always charging forward, indefatigable, indomitable, at last seen and heard. From their origins [...]

  • Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa 70 ‎– Gentleman
    $23.00 | , Read more

    The title track, ‘Gentleman’, has often been hailed as Fela’s masterpiece. The politically scathing song opposes Westernization and those who imitate Western ways. Fela had many Ghanaian friends [...]

  • Full Blast – Farewell Tonic
    $22.00 | , Read more

    Full Blast, live at the Tonic Club, New York, April 11, 2007. The recording of the last show ever in the legendary NYC club by Peter Brötzmann‘s Full Blast powerhouse was previously only [...]

  • Fred Neil – Fred Neil
    $26.00 | , Read more

    A moody NYC masterpiece from the Village circa ‘66, pressed on clear vinyl at RTI! New York folk artist Fred Neil’s eponymous second album may not have been a sales smash, but it inspired [...]

  • Fela Kuti – Beasts Of No Nation
    $23.00 | , Read more

    Beasts Of No Nation, originally released in 1989, was an indictment of the corruption and repression in post-colonial Africa. The album, whose single track took up both sides of the vinyl LP, [...]

  • Fela Kuti – Army Arrangement
    $23.00 | , Read more

    Bill Laswell’s mix of Army Arrangement for the Celluloid label was an act of gross cultural-arrogance. With Fela in jail on trumped up currency-smuggling charges when the time came to make the [...]

  • Fela Kuti – Coffin For The Head Of State
    $23.00 | , Read more

    Coffin For Head of State’ is among Fela’s most courageous responses to the Nigerian army’s destruction of Kalakuta on 18 February 1977. During the attack, Fela’s mother, aged 78, a veteran of [...]

  • From Nursery To Misery – Pixies In The Woods
    $16.00 | , Read more

    From Nursery to Misery were three teenagers who grew up together on the same street in Basildon, Essex. Formed in 1987, the band was comprised of vocalists (and identical twins) Gina and Tina [...]

  • Fear-E – Grey Skies In A Dear Green Place
    $12.00 | , Read more

    Fear-E is the moniker of Scott McKay a Glasgow based DJ and producer. Scott has already made a name for himself as one of Glasgow’s most technically-gifted and diverse selectors over the past [...]

  • Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    Over the course of seven years, three short films about the brutal dissolution of the American family – CUTTING MOMENTS (1997), HOME (1998) and PROLOGUE (2003) – elicited both [...]

  • Factrix & Monte Cazazza ‎– California Babylon
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    LP version with insert. “California Babylon is a far more sparse and caustic offering than Factrix’s debut, Scheintot, documenting their live collaboration with notorious artist Monte [...]

  • Faust – 71 Minutes
    $26.00 | , Read more

    2020 repress. With Magma, Faust was one of the most important of all the European groups of the ’70s. Compiled from “lost” and unreleased material, originally released as Munich [...]

  • Far East Family Band ‎– Nipponjin (Join Our Mental Phase Sound)
    $29.00 | , Read more

    Aozura present a reissue of Far East Family Band‘s Nipponjin – Join Our Mental Phase Sound, originally released in 1975. Regarded by many as the first Japanese progressive rock group, [...]

  • Felisha Ledesma – Sweet Hour CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    Originally composed for livestreaming events during the ongoing lockdown of 2020, Felisha Ledesma presents two extended pieces as a debut album, “Sweet Hour”. Ledesma’s first full length release [...]

  • Family Fodder – Savoir Faire
    $25.00 | , Add to cart

    First time on vinyl. Limited transparent pale blue vinyl. A ‘best of’ collection of their series of eccentric post-punk singles and albums between 1979 and 1982. Described as [...]

  • Frank Lowe – The Flam
    $21.00 | , Add to cart

    Black Saint Vinyl present a reissue of Frank Lowe‘s The Flam, originally released in 1975. Frank Lowe, one of the most powerful tenor sax voices in the post-free jazz era and one of the [...]

  • Freddie Hubbard Promo Photo
    $5.00 | , Add to cart


  • Fog Of Joy – Fog Of Joy CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    Collaborative project featuring Grand Rapids’ Brandon Hill and Milwaukee’s Alex Kmet. Layers of lavish synthesizer drones and gauzy hiccupping melodies. A poor man’s Midwest [...]

  • Fritz Pape – Ouroboros Patching Cassette
    $8.00 | , Read more

    The trajectory of Fritz Pape’s music is a constant embrace of extremity in musical expression. Under Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! Pape created impenetrable walls of swelling guitar noise that recalled the [...]

  • Francy Boland ‎– Jazz Joint Vol. 1 “Going Classic”
    $52.00 | , , Add to cart

    Vogue Schallplatten ‎– LDVS 17242 OG 1971 German Pressing Media Condition – VG (Records look VG+ but has some faint marks) Sleeve Condition – VG (Some light shelf wear, staining, and seams have [...]

  • Fret – Fret 12″ [BANGING Industrial]
    $12.00 | , Read more

    Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn, Downwards) is back on L.I.E.S. with his second ep for the label under his FRET moniker. Harris who has arguably pioneered the template for industrial techno and [...]

  • Flanger Magazine – Breslin CD
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    “A set of spry, pastoral Aecoustic Guitar and errant Electronic pieces that harken back to libraries by Teisco, Vittorio Marino, and the like, yet mapped in an alien manner unlike any known [...]

  • Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection – 8 Movie Blu-Ray Set
    $20.00 | Read more

    Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection The original Frankenstein is one of the silver screen’s most unforgettable characters and, along with the other Universal Classic Monsters, defined [...]

  • Filthy Grin – Saturn In The Mirror LP
    $14.00 | Add to cart

    Gerald Biggs developed Filthy Grin as a living sound journal to document explorations in the sonification of sculpture and body movement. Currently located in Montreal, over the past decade he [...]

  • Form Hunter – Form Hunter LP
    $18.00 | Add to cart

    Although only active since 2018, the duo of Stefan Aune and Weston Czerkies comprising Form Hunter have already laid extensive sonic foundations of crumbling stone, warped magnetic tape, and [...]

  • Form Hunter – Form Hunter Cassette
    $8.00 | , Read more

    The debut release from Form Hunter, a duo that comprises S. Aune (Breaking the Will, Kjostad) and W. Czerkies (Sunken Cheek, Goddaughter). Everything pushed defiantly into the red, pummeling [...]

  • False Moniker – In Parenthesis CS
    $7.00 | Add to cart

    Known for his visual work, his label Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., as well as his many collaborations with Cremation Lily, False Moniker is the project of Belgian artist Niels Geybels, who also [...]

  • Fearing – Shadow LP
    $18.00 | Read more

    Fearing is a dark post-punk band based out of Oakland, California who formed in 2016, when an online friendship quickly blossomed between James Rogers (bass/vocals) & Brian Vega [...]

  • Fruit LoOops – Orangina LP
    $15.00 | Add to cart

    A high concept award show with statues for winners and a guest host Skyping in from NYC at a dingy Westside Cincinnati basement show. A power wheels car driving against the flow during a circle [...]

  • Fripp & Eno – The Equatorial Stars
    $23.00 | Read more

    Robert Fripp’s personal favourite out of his trilogy of genre-defining collaborations with Brian Eno. Originally released in 2004 and now available for the first time on (super-heavyweight [...]

  • Fripp & Eno – No Pussyfooting
    $22.00 | , Read more

    “The short version: In August 1972 King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp was producing some material for Robert Wyatt. Brian Eno (then a member of Roxy Music), came to the studio to add synth [...]

  • Fripp & Eno – Evening Star
    $22.00 | , Read more

    “Robert Fripp’s second team up with Brian Eno was a less harsh, more varied affair, closer to Eno’s then-developing idea of ambient music than what had come before in (No [...]

  • Flesh + Blood – VHS (Japanese)
    $22.00 | Add to cart

    Imported Japanese VHS NTSC-J Tapes will work on all US VCR players. A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the betrothed of the [...]

  • Funny Games – VHS (Japanese)
    $35.00 | Read more

    Imported Japanese VHS NTSC-J Tapes will work on all US VCR players. IN GERMAN, JAPANESE SUBS Two psychotic young men take a mother, father, and son hostage in their vacation cabin and force them [...]

  • Forest Management – Passageways LP
    $16.00 | Add to cart

    Passageways is John Daniel’s most personal work to date. An ode to his childhood home – a secluded apartment complex in Cleveland that his parents managed – [...]

  • Figure Study – Figure Study LP
    $16.00 | Read more

    “Dark Entries is proud to present the debut album by Figure Study, a contemporary band from New York. Figure Study is the Manhattan-based duo of Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara. They [...]

  • Fox and His Friends – blu
    $32.00 | Read more

    A lottery win leads not to financial and emotional freedom but to social captivity in this wildly cynical classic about love and exploitation by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Lola, Ali: Fear Eats the [...]

  • Films of Sarah Jacobson – Blu
    $25.00 | Read more

    A double feature of I WAS A TEENAGE SERIAL KILLER + MARY JANE’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE! Sarah Jacobson’s punk-spirited DIY films from the 1990s combine B-movie aesthetics and riot grrrl [...]

  • From Beyond – Blu
    $18.00 | Read more

    Humans are such easy prey. H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of suspense became “a grisly amalgam of sex, shock and satire” (Newsweek) in the hands of the creators of Re-Animator. [...]