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Devin DiSanto – Waiting and Counting: Domestic Ritual for the Stereo Field

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Waiting and Counting : Domestic Ritual for the Stereo Field

Material for this release is based around a performance determined by a partial system of cues (max patch) that occur ‘randomly’ and are intended to be listened for and responded to by a performer or small group. This activity is occasionally juxtaposed with brief sections of recordings from different waiting areas I’ve made over the years (LAX, USCIS Brooklyn, Cook County Chi).

cues include: letters, numbers, beats, times, tones, and silence. Each cue indicates a different task and changes significance or character each time the performance happens.

Responding is done by starting the patch and completing a task (musical or otherwise, planned or improvised) that is different for each cue, though the option to do as you like or nothing at all works too.

The rate and density of events varies from frenzied and indistinguishable to slow and mundane, and at times can devolve into an unmanageable situation.

It’s originally a 20min performance that happens in two stages. 1.Start the patch and respond to cues while it is being recorded. 2. At the 10 minute mark the recording is played back and the performer continues to respond to cues from both the patch and from the playback. The first stage is often a series of activities and the second includes musical responses.

The number tracks for this release were chosen from the overlapping sections of these performances that occurred twice weekly from March 2021 to September 2021 in the same room at my house. The letter tracks are from rearranging the grain size and order of these recordings and reamping and recording them in the room.


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