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Marsh Chapel – Child Of YHWH

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New Torn Light release that we have been more than excited to work on with Drew & the crew. Torn Light has a huge place in our heart for records like this.

2020 has been a year of things coming to a head. The combined pressure cooker of modern technology, politics, pandemics, populations, as well as artistic statements and abilities have all reached breaking points that have also led to the utmost supreme shifts into truly unknown territories. It’s almost ominous that the incredible sole track here, Child Of YHWH, would be recorded during the winter solstice of 2019, primed and set to lead us straight into the wild unknown that is now. The amazing amalgamation of traditional acoustic elements and modern advanced electronics come together to create an audial tapestry not yet heard nor experienced. Much like the both intricately detailed and sonic shattering recordings made from the individuals involved (members of Crazy Doberman, Koufar / Terror Cell Unit etc.) Marsh Chapel expands upon devices and techniques found in free improv, chamber music, musique concrete, modular synthesis, Midwest basement dirge etc., and brings them all to the utmost brink of composition in newly found sounds to be heard this side of the apocalypse. The sound of simultaneous revolution, panic, meditation, contemplation, isolation, exploration, and ever present change. The sound of 2020 indeed.
– Brandon Hill

Edition of 100 copies – 180 gram one sided 12″ vinyl


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