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Ted Byrnes – Tactility CD

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The first release from our CD imprint, ARKEEN – a 7 track, 30 minute full length from Los Angeles based Ted Byrnes. Percussive abuse and aural assault. Fragmented time creating spaces between what you are about to hear, and have heard. The present does not exist.

Previous output has been released by Claimed Responsibility, Foul Prey & Absurd Exposition. Outside of solo releases, Ted Byrnes has worked alongside the likes of Charlie Mumma, The Rita, LAFMS, Lingua Ignota, Zola Jesus, Charlemagne Palestine & many many more.

Album credits:

Ted Byrnes: Solo Acoustic Percussion

Produced by William Hutson

Recorded and Mixed by Jared Rodriguez

Mastered by Jonathan Snipes

Design by Alex York

Thanks: Alex York, Bill Hutson, Jared Rodriguez, Jonathan Snipes, Sam McKinlay, Sarah Rosalena Brady, Matt Weston, Taylor Geddes, Michael D. Brown, Anju Singh, Matt Purse, Torsten Mueller

Please visit https://tedbyrnesdrums.com/ for more information on Ted Byrnes and his continued work as an artist.


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