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  • Mr Dibbs x Brett Fullerton – Everything Burns Everybody Bleeds LP
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  • Sewer Election – Psychic Panorama
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    A new 66-minute psychedelic synth epos from Sewer Election. Half of the material was originally released as a very limited cassette on Malign Editions in the summer of 2021. Brutish and cold [...]

  • Controlled Death – Death Synth Box 5xCD Box (Pre-Order)
    $60.00 | Read more

    Note: This item is a PRE-ORDER and is expected to be shipping the week of 1-24-2022 Controlled Death is the dark and obscure side project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna and start his [...]

  • Merzbow – Collection 001-010 10xCD Box (Pre-Order)
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    Note: This item is a PRE-ORDER and is expected to be shipping the week of 1-24-2022 Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker of Japanese artist Masami Akita was [...]

  • Thomas Beckamn – Contempt CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    Gorgeous, synth laden ambient. Lo-fi dungeon-esque but still regal and articulate. Excellent electronic sourced bliss. -BH

  • Club Music – Vol. II LP
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    Label Description: The battle rages on with Club Music Vol. II. After a more contemplative initiatory track than anything found on Vol. I, this muscular sequel continues with the pounding warfare [...]

  • Club Music – Vol. I LP
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    Label Description: Club Music Vol. I is an expert concoction: EBM with a strong taste of New Beat, swirled around in one rather cavernous cauldron. The bass lines march, evil, cold, precise, [...]

  • History Of Leather – Work CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Gorgeous, churning working class music concrete. Feelings of pure decay and slow motion violence fold perfectly into moments beauty and near tranquil textures. Fast becoming a must be [...]

  • Dalibor Cruz – 21 De Agosto, Macaruya CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Beyond brilliant explorations in culturally rich mutant techno and rhythmic electronics. Absolutely at times danceable, but this batch of acid is strong. Near playful recordings that [...]

  • Posse – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    Mario Van Peebles (Heartbreak Ridge) directs and stars in this gun-blazing revisionist twist on the classic western. Posse assembles a first-rate cast that includes Stephen Baldwin (The Usual [...]

  • Disciples Of Shaolin – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    THE ULTIMATE IN KUNG FU…ONLY ONE FIGHTER WILL LIVE! Another Kung Fu vehicle from the infamous Shaw Brothers Studio, ‘Disciples of Shaolin’ AKA ‘Hong quan xiao zi’, [...]

  • Premutos: The Fallen Angel – Blu-Ray
    $34.00 | Add to cart

    Premutos is the first of the fallen Angels, even before Lucifer. His goal is to rule the living and the dead. His son should pave the way for him to return. A young man begins to suffer from [...]

  • The Man From Hong Kong – Blu-Ray
    $34.00 | Add to cart

    Strap in for a spectacular example from the golden age of “Ozploitation” moviemaking: writer/director/genre master Brian Trenchard-Smith’s full-bore action caper The Man from [...]

  • Blood-A-Rama Triple Frightmare – Blu-Ray
    $32.00 | Add to cart

    A horror triple feature from the vaults of the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)! HELP ME . . . I’M POSSESSED: A free-form nightmare that takes place at a sanitarium in the desert, this [...]

  • Autumn Casey – Your Own Entertainment Channel
    $7.00 | , Add to cart

    Currently based out Miami FL Autumn Casey is an Artist in the truest sense, using multiple different mediums to express her inspirations. On the A.side of “Your Own Entertainment [...]

  • XV – Fresh Lettuce
    $7.00 | , Add to cart

    XV is a Detroit-Ann Arbor based 3 peace outfit, comprised of busy local jammers you might recognize from the likes of The New Me/Tyvek/Shells etc etc. This is a live cassette recorded at U.F.O [...]

  • Jack Callahan & Asha Sheshadri – Misfired Empathy LP
    $17.00 | Add to cart

    Jack Callahan & Asha Sheshadri’s Misfired Empathy was recorded and processed in April and May of 2020 at the artists’ apartments, ISSUE Project Room, Public Records, The Windjammer, in [...]

  • John Cage & Sun Ra – John Cage Meets Sun Ra – The Complete Concert • June 8, 1986 • Coney Island, NY
    $32.00 | , Add to cart

    If you were going to envision the ultimate avant-garde meeting-of-the-minds jam session, who would you pick? Even the most hopeful fan of strange and innovative music couldn’t have seen [...]

  • Jandek – The Rays Of Light That Did Not Illumine
    $10.00 | , Read more

  • Jandek – The Humility Of Pain
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    2002 release

  • Jandek – The Place
    $10.00 | Read more

    2003 release

  • Jandek – White Box Requiem
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1996 release

  • Jandek – Twelfth Apostle
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1993 release

  • Jandek – Graven Image
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1994 release

  • Jandek – Glad To Get Away
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1994 release

  • Jandek – On The Way
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1988 release

  • Jandek – The Living End
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1989 release

  • Jandek – Somebody In The Snow
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1990 release

  • Jandek – You Walk Alone
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1988 release

  • Jandek – Ready For The House
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1978 release

  • Jandek – Your Turn To Fall
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1983 release

  • Jandek – Staring At the Cellophane
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1982 release

  • Jandek – Living In A Moon So Blue
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1982 release

  • Jandek – A Chair Beside A Window
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1982 release

  • Jandek – Later On
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1981 release

  • Jandek – London Tuesday
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    2008 release of a 2005 London concert

  • Jandek – A Kingdom He Likes
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    2004 release

  • Jandek – Worthless Recluse
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    2001 release

  • Jandek – Lost Cause
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    1992 release

  • Maggot Brain: #7 (Dec/Jan/Feb 2022)
    $11.00 | , Add to cart

    “The front cover: is a gorgeous 1981 backstage photo of Lou Reed, subject of a phenomenal feature by former NY Rocker contributor Lisa Jane Persky. Inside you will also find: Grateful Dead [...]

  • Ugly Things: #58
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    “Our cover boasts an extensive feature on the legendary sixties West Coast psychedelic group Clear Light. Other compelling coverage this time includes Canadian garage punks the Plague, [...]

  • The Wire: #454 December 2021
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    “Laraaji: New York’s mystic sage of healing vibrations talks the power of sound and new album Circle Of Celebration with collaborators Arji OceAnanda, Greg Fox and Shahzad Ismaily. [...]

  • Suicide – A Different Way of Life (Rare Tracks 1976-1980)
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    “A collection of even rougher Suicide. Tracks include: ‘Girl’ (1976 version), ‘Ghost Rider’ (Rough mix), ‘Frankie Teardrom’ te detective meets the Alien [...]

  • Masonna – Frequency L.S.D.
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    Originally released on CD in 1998, Frequency L.S.D. is now presented on vinyl for the first time. Features 14 ear-wrenching, extreme Japanese noise tracks from Maso Yamazaki (Controlled Death). [...]

  • John Zorn, Andrea Centazzo, Eugene Chadboure, Tom Corra, Toshinori Kondo, Polly Bradfield – Environment For Sextet
    $27.00 | , Read more

    Reissue, originally released in 1979. Recorded live at WKCR Radio in New York City in 1978 and issued by Ictus the following year, Environment for Sextet encounters John Zorn at the earliest [...]

  • Steve Lacy, Andrew Centazzo, Kent Carter – Trio Live
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Originally issued in 1977, Trio Live was recorded in 1976, only a handful of days after Steve Lacy and Andrea Centazzo’s Clangs (ICTUSRE 001LP) was laid to tape, presumably capturing [...]

  • Derek Bailey & Andrea Centazzo – Drops
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Reissue, originally released in 1977. In the history of free improvised music, there has been arguably no greater advocate for the idiom’s power and potential than the English guitarist [...]

  • Andrea Centazzo & Steve Lacy – Clangs
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Ictus Records’ reissue initiative fittingly begins with Clangs, the first LP issued by the label in 1976. Featuring Steve Lacy on soprano saxophone, bird calls, and pocket synthesizer (or [...]