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Showing 1–48 of 176 results

  • Ted Byrnes – Moving My Body Through Space CD
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    Recognized as a skilled and sought after collaborator, Ted Byrnes solo albums cast a wide net that capture Byrnes’ adventurous and omnivorous approach to solo percussion. An alumnus of [...]

  • Henry Franklin – The Skipper
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Though it’s hard to pick a winner among the estimable Black Jazz catalog, this 1972 release from bassist Henry “The Skipper” Franklin would have to be near the top of the list. Franklin got his [...]

  • Henry Franklin – The Skipper At Home
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Bassist Henry Franklin’s 1972 release for Black Jazz, The Skipper, is one of the highlights in a label catalog full of many, and his 1974 follow-up, The Skipper at Home (“The Skipper” is [...]

  • Alice Coltrane ‎– Lord Of Lords
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    2021 repress. “Originally released in 1972, Lord Of Lords was Alice Coltrane’s final album for Impulse! and the last installment in her awe-inspiring trilogy that also included [...]

  • Theo Parrish – Theo Parrish’s Black Jazz Signature
    $23.00 | , Read more

    2021 repress; gatefold double LP version. This version is unmixed. Arguably one of the world’s most important underground dance music producer/DJs Theo Parrish lends his hands to selecting [...]

  • Oneness Of Juju ‎– Space Jungle Luv
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    2021 repress. “Magical, mystical, Afrocentric, progressive — words that could be used to describe any number of musical compositions by Sun Ra or his cosmic brothers and sisters, from [...]

  • Experience Unlimited ‎– Free Yourself
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    2021 repress. “The go-go band’s sought after debut album. Enriched funk. Magical, mystical, Afrocentric, progressive –words that could be used to describe any number of musical [...]

  • Albert Ayler ‎– In Greenwich Village
    $27.00 | , Read more

    2015 release. Originally released 1967; exact reissue, 180 Gram, Gatefold sleeve. Part of the Back To Black series. Including digital download code. “During 1967-69 avant-garde innovator [...]

  • Archie Shepp – Fire Music
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Originally released in 1965. 2019 reissue. “One of forward-looking tenor man Archie Shepp’s definitive early albums, 1965’s Fire Music set the tone for much of what was to come [...]

  • Derek Bailey – Aida
    $29.00 | , Read more

    Continuing their ongoing series of reissues of music by Derek Bailey, Honest Jon’s Records present a first vinyl reissue of Aida, originally released on the guitarist’s own Incus [...]

  • Malagasy, Gilson – At Newport-Paris
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    180 gram vinyl. “In May 1972, the wave of anger and the thirst for freedom that had swept the world in 1968 arrived in Madagascar. The Malagasy youth took the opportunity to exile in search [...]

  • Sylvain Marc / Del Rabenja ‎– Madagascar Now – Maintenant ‘Zao
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    180 gram vinyl. “While he was working on the repertoire for the new version of his group Malagasy, with young Malagasy musicians he had met in Paris in 1972 (and who can be heard on the [...]

  • Malagasy / Gilson – Malagasy
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    180 gram vinyl. “Paris, May 13th 1968. There was a general strike. One last plane left the runway, strewn with flaming oil drums. On board were three jazz musicians wondering whether they [...]

  • Paul Bley Trio ‎– Closer
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    When Oscar Peterson moved from Montréal to New York in 1949, then-17-year-old Paul Bley took over Peterson’s residency at the Alberta Lounge on Peterson’s recommendation; in his 20s, [...]

  • Don Cherry – Music, Wisdom, Love 1969
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Reaching a near-mythical status amongst fans of free jazz’s most worldly intrepid explorer, these seldom heard Paris soundtrack sessions known as Music, Wisdom, Love have evaded [...]

  • Brötzmann / Miller / Moholo – Opened, But Hardly Touched
    $36.00 | , Add to cart

    “On Opened, But Hardly Touched, the Brötzmann/Miller/Moholo combination displays the most accessible approach of the live trio recordings surveyed. An extemporaneous master who puts the [...]

  • Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Roswell Rudd, Gary Peacock, Sonny Murray ‎– New York Eye And Ear Control
    $24.00 | , Read more

    2017 repress; originally released in 1966. Featured artists: Albert Ayler (tenor sax), Ed Blackwell (trumpet), Don Cherry (trumpet, cornet), Sunny Murray (drums), Gary Peacock (bass), Roswell [...]

  • Herbie Hancock – Crossings
    $25.00 | , Read more

    “Crossings was the second release by the Herbie Hancock Sextet lineup known as the Mwandishi Band, following 1971’s Mwandishi which stretched Hancock’s already-adventurous [...]

  • Crazy Doberman – — / Haunted, Non / Haunted – 2nd pressing
    $18.00 | Add to cart

    The Doberman crew has been relentlessly touring the U.S. for years now, existing as a traveling band of frequent collaborators and changing lineups, consisting of often radically different [...]

  • Ornette Coleman – Dancing In Your Head
    $24.00 | , , Read more

    The pinnacle free-funk record, and Ornette’s transitional record in to a funkier sound that he further explored with his Prime Time group in the 80’s.  Free jazz you can dance to, a [...]

  • Sun Ra ‎– The Nubians Of Plutonia
    $75.00 | , , Add to cart

    Impulse! reissue of recordings from 1958 and 1959, originally released on Saturn, featuring Sun Ra with John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Phil Cochran, etc. Impulse!– AS-9242 Media Condition – [...]

  • Alice And John Coltrane ‎– Cosmic Music
    $38.00 | , , Add to cart

    John & Alice with Pharoah Sanders, Jimmy Garrison, and revolving drummers Rashied Ali, Ray Appleton, and Ben Riley, deep in that spirtual free zone! Impulse! / MCA – MCA-29025 (1980 US [...]

  • Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido – traantjes
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    All music composed and produced by Jeroen Kimman.

  • Gordon Grdina & Jim Black – Martian Kitties
    $8.00 | Read more

    Gordon Grdina- Guitar, Oud Jim Black- Drums, Electronics Recorded and Mixed at Afterlife Studios by John Raham Mastered by Chris Gestrin Produced by John Raham & Gordon Grdina All music [...]

  • Jack Cooper & Jeff Tobias – Tributaries
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    “Wicken and Debden are tributaries of the River Cam, North Essex and the inspiration for this music. These systems were written by Jack Cooper. The music was arranged, recorded and [...]

  • Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci – Phase Eclipse
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    “Excited to announce a vinyl reissue of this amazing debut! Long OOP and previously only available as a cassette! Grab your copy on gorgeous vinyl now! To celebrate the reissue, we have a [...]

  • Powers/Rolin Duo – Strange Fortune
    $20.00 | , Read more

    “Underground music is filled with all kinds of characters, personalities, and peculiarities. Rare are the musical/artistic soul mates who have forged life, as well as creative, [...]

  • Charlie Mingus – Mingus Plays Piano (Spontaneous Compositions And Improvisations)
    $26.00 | , , Add to cart

    Intimate recordings of Mingus exploring the piano. Superior Viaduct – SV066 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Charles Mingus – The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady
    $17.00 | , , Add to cart

    Mingus’ orchestral masterpiece. Experimental and expansive jazz from a large crew. I have some feelings of a nebulous portal opening over the Gibraltar straight when I listen. Suck me in. [...]

  • Ornette Coleman – Change Of The Century
    $18.00 | , , Add to cart

    Ornette with a classic quartet of Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, and Billy Higgins.  Crucial early Ornette! Atlantic – SD-1327 (180 Gram Reissue) Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Sun Ra – Disco 3000
    $25.00 | , , Add to cart

    Sun Ra live in Milan, 1978 with John Gilmore, Michael Ray, and Luqman Ali.  Reissued in 2005, this has become a real classic of the Sun Ra catalog. Art Yard – ARTYARD LP001 (2005 UK reissue) [...]

  • Sun Ra – Media Dreams
    $35.00 | , , Add to cart

    Reissue of a 1978 El Saturn Release, “Media Dreams”, a live recording in Italy, 1978.  Great recording with Sun Ra laying down the synth, drum machine, organ, and piano.  2004 [...]

  • John Coltrane Quartet – Ballads
    $20.00 | , , Add to cart

    Record 61 & 62, supposed Coltrane’s classic quartet showed up to the sessions with store bought sheet music & jammed out everything in one take. 4 masters showing their discipline. [...]

  • Sonny Sharrock Band – Live In New York
    $16.00 | , , Add to cart

    Sonny Sharrock with his band of Melvin Gibbs, Abe Speller,Pheeroain Aklaff, Dave Snyder, and Ron Cartel.  Sonny veering off in to some bluesy jazz territories, while still shredding. Enemy [...]

  • Cecil Payne – Zodiac (The Music of Cecil Payne)
    $85.00 | , , Read more

    A classic of the Strata-East label’s catalog. Featuring an absurd line-up of Cecil Payne, Kenny Dorham, Wynton Kelly, Wilbur Ware & Albert Kuumba Heath. Strata-East – SES-19734 [...]

  • NATION Afrikan Liberation Art Ensemble Featuring Haki R. Madhubuli (Don L. Lee) ‎– Rise Vision Comin
    $125.00 | , , Add to cart

    Rise Records 1976 US Media Condition – VG, some light scuff marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – G+, initials written in pen in corner of cover, ringwear, general wear on sleeve, [...]

  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society ‎– Rahsaan Rahsaan
    $14.00 | , , Read more

    Roland Kirk with his Vibration Society, featuring master violinist Leroy Jenkins.  Soulful jams from the multi-horn blower! Atlantic – SD 1575 (Reissue) Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve [...]

  • Claude Delcloo, Arthur Jones ‎– Africanasia (OG French Pressing)
    $20.00 | , , Add to cart

    Claude Delcloo & Arthur Jones, with Clifford Thornton, Kenneth Terroade, Earl Freeman and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago crew of Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, and Malachi Favors.  Can’t [...]

  • Hugh Hopper, Alan Gowen ‎– Two Rainbows Daily
    $28.00 | , , Add to cart

    This one took me a minute, but a perfect piece of the fusion/prog puzzle. Hopper (Soft Machine) & Gowen enter the 80s with electronic pianos & DI’d bass with plenty of effects to go [...]

  • Anthony Braxton – Seven Standards 1985
    $7.00 | , , Add to cart

    VG+/VG+ – some light shelf wear and creasing

  • Spiritual Jazz Vol 11: Steeplechase
    $25.00 | , , Add to cart


  • Antonio Carlos Jobim ‎– Tide
    $16.00 | , , Add to cart

    1980 Spanish Pressing   VG+/VG+  – Cover has some light wear, old price sticker top right corner.

  • Antonio Carlos Jobim ‎– Terra Brasilis
    $14.00 | , , Add to cart

    VG+/VG+ – promo stamp on cover, old price sticker in top left corner.

  • John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman – s/t
    $22.00 | , , Add to cart

    1975 ABC Impulse! Pressing VG+/VG+ – light wear

  • Irakere – Teatro Amadeo Roldan Recital (cuban pressing)
    $100.00 | , , Add to cart

    Areito – LDA-3420 Media Condition – VG+ with a few stray marks Sleeve Condition – VG with noticeable edge, corner & ringwear to sleeve

  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Best Of
    $8.00 | , , Add to cart

    VG+/VG+ – saw cut top right corner.

  • Dorothy Ashby – The Jazz Harpist
    $23.00 | , Read more

    Sowing Records present a reissue of Dorothy Ashby‘s debut album, The Jazz Harpist, originally released in 1957 by the Regent label. Recognized as the woman who gave the harp a jazz voice, [...]

  • Evan Parker – Collected Solos
    $165.00 | Read more

    OTOROKU present a reissue of Evan Parker‘s legendary box set Collected Solos. Originally issued in 1989 and long ago sold out, Collected Solos brings Evan Parker’s first four solo LPs [...]