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  • Joanna Russ – How To Suppress Women’s Writing
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    Are women able to achieve anything they set their minds to? In How to Suppress Women’s Writing, award-winning novelist and scholar Joanna Russ lays bare the subtle–and not so [...]

  • The Serpent and the Rainbow
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    A scientific investigation and personal adventure story about zombis and the voudoun culture of Haiti by a Harvard scientist.In April 1982, ethnobotanist Wade Davis arrived in Haiti to [...]

  • J.W Dunne – An Experiment With Time
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    J.W. Dunne (1866-1949) was an accomplished English aeronautical engineer and a designer of Britian’s early military aircraft. His An Experiment with Time, first published in 1927, sparked a [...]

  • Aldous Huxley – The Devils Of Loudun
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    In 1632 an entire convent in the small French village of Loudun was apparently possessed by the devil. After a sensational and celebrated trial, the convent’s charismatic priest Urban [...]

  • Chaos as Usual: Conversations About Rainer Werner Fassbinder
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    This book is an attempt to trace and illuminate, through interviews with colleagues, friends, and contemporaries, different perspectives about Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

  • Aaron Leonard – The Folk Singers And The Bureau
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    The first book to document the efforts of the FBI against the most famous American folk singers of the mid-twentieth century, including Woody Guthrie, ‘Sis Cunningham, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays [...]

  • untitled: sounds and aesthetics – zine
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    The third issue of Untitled includes: • Dave Phillips (interview) • Chris Sienko • Mads Gravers Nielsen [Ato Vari] • Film-Field: The Rat Saviour • Nobuo Yamada – artwork showcase […]

  • James Ellroy – Crime Wave
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    Los Angeles.  In no other city do sex, celebrity, money, and crime exert such an irresistible magnetic field.  And no writer has mapped that field with greater savagery and savvy than James […]

  • Mary Gaitskill – Somebody With A Little Hammer
    $18.00 | , Add To Cart

    A wide-ranging, deeply intelligent collection of literary, social, cultural, and personal essays, from the piercingly perceptive author of Veronica and The Mare. Whether she’s writing about [...]

  • Michel Foucault – The History of Sexuality
    $16.00 | , Add To Cart

    What our staff has to say: “Classic” – Jack Michel Foucault offers an iconoclastic exploration of why we feel compelled to continually analyze and discuss sex, and of the social [...]

  • Mark Fisher – Postcapitalist Desire
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    A collection of transcripts from Mark Fisher’s final series of lectures at Goldsmiths, University of London, in late 2016. Edited and with an introduction by Matt Colquhoun, this collection [...]

  • Andy Warhol – America
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    Andy Warhol carried a camera with him everywhere he went and America, a mélange of text and image whose photographs were selected by Warhol from ten years of extraordinary shots, […]

  • Michael Nyman – Experimental Music: Cage & Beyond
    $34.00 | , Add To Cart

    Michael Nyman’s book is a first-hand account of experimental music from 1950 to 1970. First published in 1974, it has remained the classic text on a significant form of music […]

  • Sparks-Tastic: 21 Nights With Sparks In London
    $14.00 | , Add To Cart

    In 2008, Tosh Berman–author and publisher of TamTam Books–got on a plane with a single motive: Sparks Spectacular. It had been announced that the band Sparks would perform all [...]

  • To Die For The People: The Writings Of Huey P. Newton
    $17.00 | , Add To Cart

    A fascinating, first-person account of a historic era in the struggle for black empowerment in America. Long an iconic figure for radicals, Huey Newton is now being discovered by those […]

  • Gary Webb – The Killing Game
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    Gary Webb had an inborn journalistic tendency to track down corruption and expose it. For over thirty-four years, he wrote stories about corruption from county, state, and federal levels. He […]

  • Simon Reynolds – Totally Wired
    $18.00 | , Add To Cart

    With his critically acclaimed Rip It Up and Start Again, renowned music journalist Simon Reynolds applied a unique understanding to an entire generation of musicians working in the wake of […]

  • Samuel R. Delany – Times Square Red, Times Square Blue
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Twentieth anniversary edition of a landmark book that cataloged a vibrant but disappearing neighborhood in New York City   In the two decades that preceded the original publication of Times [...]

  • Modern Pagans: An Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    This is the most uncensored, comprehensive guide to Pagans around the world today. Dozens of interviews cover a wide range of Pagan practices, from witchcraft, Northern tradition, santeria, [...]

  • Robert Lowell: Setting The River On Fire
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    From the best-selling author of An Unquiet Mind; a study of the poet Robert Lowell, and of the relationship between illness and art. In his Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry, Robert Lowell […]

  • Jason Hellar – Strange Stars
    $17.00 | , Add To Cart

    A Hugo Award-winning author and music journalist explores the weird and wild story of when rock ‘n’ roll met the sci-fi world of the 1970s Beginning with David Bowie’s obsession [...]

  • Trash Cinema: The Lure of the Low
    $23.00 | , Add To Cart

    This volume explores the lower reaches of cinema and its paradoxical appeal. It looks at films from the B-movies of the 1930s to the mockbusters of today, and from the […]

  • On Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures: (And Other Secret-Flix of Cinemaroc)
    $30.00 | , Add To Cart

    Reviled, rioted over and banned as pornographic even as it was recognized by many as an unprecedented visionary masterpiece, Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures is one of the most important and [...]

  • Blank Forms 07: The Cowboy’s Dreams Of Home
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    Writings and interviews engaging the artists and themes from Blank Forms’ public programming, from Thulani Davis to Charles Curtis This iteration privileges new texts produced for the [...]

  • Modern Primitives: An Investigation Of Contemporary Adornment & Ritual
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    What our staff has to say: “Modern Primitives takes a dive into the world of body art and modifications, focusing on early history and up until the publishing of the […]

  • Excavate! The Wonderful & Frightening World Of The Fall
    $30.00 | , Add To Cart

    A definitive insight into the ever-influential world of Mark E. Smith and The Fall, featuring never-before published essays and ephemera from fans, collectors and the artist and band themselves. [...]

  • Andy Roberts – Divine Rascal
    $22.00 | , Add To Cart

    A biography of a key figure in psychedelic history: the man who turned Timothy Leary on to LSD.Of all the figures associated with the history of LSD there is none […]

  • John Cage – Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)
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    Now available in an expanded paperback edition, Diary registers Cage’s assessment of the times in which he lived as well as his often uncanny portents about the world we live […]

  • Morton Feldman – Give My Regards To Eighth Street
    $16.00 | , Add To Cart

    Morton Feldman wrote as he composed music, carefully placing one element after another, producing some of the avant-garde’s most lucid considerations of what it means to make music Morton [...]

  • Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts After Cage
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Tony Conrad is exemplary of the 1960s artist who remains inassimilable to canonic histories. Creator of the “structural” film, The Flicker, collaborator on Jack Smith’s Flaming [...]

  • James Ramsey Ullman – The Day On Fire
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    By the age of fifteen, Arthur Rimbaud was already one of the most brilliant poets of his time. And for the next four years – and four only – Rimbaud […]