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Showing 1–48 of 208 results

  • Black Midi – Cavalcade
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    black midi’s follow-up to Schlagenheim is a dynamic, hellacious, inventive success. Cavalcade, their second studio album for Rough Trade, scales beautiful new heights, reaching ever upwards from [...]

  • Gang Of Four – Solid Gold
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Matador Records will reissue two of Gang of Four’s critical early works, Entertainment! (1979) and Solid Gold (1981). Both have been remastered from the original analog tapes and will be made [...]

  • Getting The Fear – Death Is Bigger: 1984-1985
    $19.00 | , Add to cart

    It’s testament to how fertile England’s mid-80’s musical landscape was that the splintering of short-lived post-punk pioneers Southern Death Cult seeded so many memorable but [...]

  • Drab Majesty – Unknown To The I
    $15.00 | , Read more

    Drab Majesty’s first release for Dais Records was the “Unknown to the I” cassette in 2015, which featured the title track that would later appear on his debut album [...]

  • Drab Majesty – Unarian Dances
    $17.00 | , Read more

    Drab Majesty’s first ever release was the 2012 self-released cassette tape “Unarian Dances”. Originally limited to 100 copies, tracks from this tape would eventually make their [...]

  • HIDE – Interior Terror
    $19.00 | , Add to cart

    HIDE’s third album, Interior Terror further abandons traditional concepts of song structure in favor of splintered rhythms and fevered, immediate release. Expanding on previous themes of [...]

  • Joy Division ‎– Unknown Martyrs
    $350.00 | , , Add to cart

    1984 German Live Bootleg MNL 3529 Media Condition: VG Sleeve Condition: VG+ Few light scuff marks on both sides. Mild edge wear. ******Interested In More Detailed Photos? Shoot us an Email  

  • Rendez-Vous – Distance 12″
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    Label Description: It was more than a year ago, in the grey parisian midst that we discovered the first EP of a group that we couldn’t ignore any longer, Rendez-Vous. The band’s first [...]

  • Television Personalities – Beautiful Despair
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Television Personalities unreleased album. Recorded in 1990 by Jowe at his flat in Glading Terrace, Stoke Newington (shortly before it was demolished), over a number sessions on a portable [...]

  • Greymouth – Cut A Crooked Track
    $10.00 | , Add to cart

    Six new tracks from Mark Anderson and Mark Sadgrove, New Zealanders now based in Japan. Obtuse duo skronk starting out on a fairly reasonable note with ‘Scantling’ but then slowly [...]

  • Vertical Slit – Live @ Browns
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Rare live & unreleased tracks from 1979 by the legendary Vertical Slit, passed along from Jim Shepard (to Tom Lax) in 1998. Housed in silkscreened jackets with insert.

  • Sonic Youth – Sonic Youth
    $25.00 | , Read more

    Sonic Youth’s eponymous debut 12-inch was recorded in late 1981 at Plaza Sound at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and originally released on composer Glenn Branca’s Neutral label.  This remastered [...]

  • Sonic Youth – Confusion Is Sex
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    Originally slated to be a seven-inch single to follow up their self-titled debut, Sonic Youth ’s Confusion Is Sex blossomed into the band’s first album:  a brain-bludgeoning, completely fried [...]

  • Neutral – Gra Vag Gamlestaden
    $23.00 | , Read more

    Neutral’s seminal album, Grå Våg Gamlestaden, is widely considered ground zero for the explosion of creativity that has transpired in the Swedish Underground ever since. It is the noisy [...]

  • Peter Jeffries – Last Ticket Home
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Peter Jefferies, a living legend of New Zealand underground music, from his seminal bands Nocturnal Projections and This Kind Of Punishment, to his collaborative efforts in bands such as Plagal [...]

  • The Gordons – S/T & Future Shock
    $23.00 | , Read more

    The Gordons crashed upon the do-it-yourself scene of early 1980s Christchurch with torrential force, self-releasing two foundational planks of the vibrant New Zealand underground. Future Shock, a [...]

  • Exek – Biased Advice
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    “A weird trip of a band…the second this was playing I was immediately hooked. I initially dove in because their name was attached to Mikey Young for mastering (I have a rule with Mikey…if he had [...]

  • Qual – The Ultimate Climax LP (Gold Vinyl Repress)
    $22.00 | Add to cart

    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE-ORDER WILL SHIP ON OR AFTER MAY 20 Label Description: 2021 edition of 300 on Gold vinyl. Comes with a new printed inner sleeve with lyrics. Qual is finally back with his [...]

  • Nuovo Testamento – New Earth LP (Pre-Order)
    $22.00 | Read more

    Please Note: This item is a PRE-ORDER – Orders will be shipping the week of June 30! Label Description: Nuovo Testamento is the Los Angeles & Bologna-based trio featuring members of [...]

  • Scott Walker – Drift
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    It’s been nine years since Walker’s last album. “An increasingly revered figure, Scott Walker is a singular craftsman, one of rock’s few individuals to demonstrate a [...]

  • Koban – Abject Obsessions CD
    $11.50 | Add to cart

    Koban is a young duo hailing from Vancouver, Canada. They had their first album out on Broadway To Boundary back in 2013 but it really was their 2014’s EP on Weyrd Son that got our attention. Now [...]

  • Qual – Sable LP
    $18.00 | Read more

    Qual is Lebanon Hanover’s bassist and vocalist William Maybelline. With his solo project he aims to examine his personal view on music, Maybelline moved from the pop touch of well-known and [...]

  • Chlorine – Time Sleeps Again CS
    $7.00 | Add to cart

    Hailing from Louisville, KY, Chlorine is the incredibly addicting output of Joey Magnum and Jake Terry. These two have been on fire the last couple years with non-stop output from myriad [...]

  • The Serf’s – EP
    $8.00 | , Read more

    The First 7″ EP by mysterious Ohio based Synth Punks The Serfs. Side A, features two breakneck amphetamine fuelled electro-punk onslaughts of the sense with sharp social critique and [...]

  • Topographies – Ideal Form LP (Exclusive Pink Vinyl 2nd Press)
    $20.00 | Add to cart

    Please Note: This item is a PRE-ORDER! Estimated to ship the week of 5/26/2021 – Please consider COVID related delays /  shipping times. Your order will be mailed as soon as possible! Thank you! [...]

  • Sculpture Club – Worth LP (Milky Clear Exclusive Color Vinyl) (Pre-Order)
    $20.00 | Add to cart

      Label Description: Pressed on 180 gram vinyl & housed an embossed jacket. Existing in a place not normally associated with the darker currents of culture, the pristine valley backdrop [...]

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux -Suspense
    $16.00 | , Read more

    By the time bohemian singer/poet/artist Lizzy Mercier Descloux recorded her fifth album, 1988’s Suspense, she’d enjoyed a recording career that was as far from the clichés of music lore as is [...]

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux – OneFor The Soul
    $16.00 | , Read more

    By the time poet, singer-songwriter, and artist Lizzy Mercier Descloux recorded 1984’s Zulu Rock, she’d marked herself out as both a globe trotter with more passport stamps than Tintin and a [...]

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux – ZuluRock
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    In the course of three albums, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, the rogue poet, artist, and singer-songwriter, traveled on a musical voyage from Manhattan (1979 debut Press Color) to The Bahamas (1981 [...]

  • Lifetones – For A Reason
    $18.00 | , Read more

    Political post-punk trio This Heat dissolved at a turbulent time in the UK. Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher was in power, and her budget-cutting, ultra-conservative influence was felt strongly [...]

  • Camberwell Now – The EP Collection
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    Camberwell, in South London, pops up infrequently in pop culture. Perhaps you know it from the Camberwell Carrot, the heroically sized joint smoked in cult movie Withnail & I, or perhaps – if [...]

  • This Heat – Live 80-81
    $16.00 | , Read more

    Formed in 1976 in Brixton, a multicultural, and – at the time – down-at-heel part of south London, This Heat were born into a music scene in rapid flux, first thanks to the punk explosion and [...]

  • This Heat – Made Available
    $16.00 | , Read more

    Formed in 1976 in Brixton, a multicultural, and – at the time – down-at-heel part of south London, This Heat were born into a music scene in rapid flux, first thanks to the punk explosion and [...]

  • Marching Church – This World Is Not Enough
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    Since 2010, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (Iceage, Vår) has used the Marching Church moniker to a variety of musical ends, both live and recorded. However, the project as it exists on This World Is Not [...]

  • The Fall ‎– Live At St. Helens Technical College, 1981
    $35.00 | , Add to cart

    “I’ve had the pleasure of being a [The] Fall fan since I was a teen. I was lucky enough to have some guidance from my local record shop stoner-lords. They turned me on to many of my [...]

  • Gaznevada ‎– Sick Soundtrack
    $30.00 | , Add to cart

    Sick Soundtrack by Gaznevada, originally released in 1980. “The five Gaznevada band components hit hard with a sound mixing new wave inspirations along with splinters of Talking Heads, Pere [...]

  • Aviador Dro ‎– Nuclear, Sí
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    Formed in Madrid in 1979. Influenced equally by Dadaism and Futurist ideas as by the contemporary sounds of bands such as Devo, Throbbing Gristle, or Cabaret Voltaire, they started creating their [...]

  • Wire ‎– 154
    $28.00 | , Read more

    2021 restock; LP version. “1979’s 154 represented the final tableau in Wire’s Harvest released ’70s triptych and was the first Wire album to be released to a universal set [...]

  • New Order ‎– Off The Wall (S.O.36 Berlin May ’81)
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    80’s Boot S.O.36 Berlin May ’81 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • U-Men (Pere Ubu) ‎– The Art Of Talking
    $25.00 | , , Read more

    1981 UK Bootleg on Raven Records Live recording (possibly 2/22/81 in Krefeld, Germany) by members of Pere Ubu and Red Krayola . Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Siouxsie & The Banshees ‎– Metal Shadows
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    1979 US Bootleg on The Impossible Recordworks A1-A4 Studio radio session (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 29/11/1979). A5-B2 Studio radio session (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded [...]

  • Siouxsie and Banshees – The Signal Sessions
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    1983 UK bootleg, not on label A1-B2 STUDIO RADIO SESSION (David Jensen, The Evening Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 13/5/1982) Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • The Sisters Of Mercy ‎– Recorded Live At Brixton Ace
    $80.00 | , , Add to cart

    1984 Bootleg Recorded Live at the Brixton Academy, London, UK on June 29th, 1983. Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Joy Division – Live Winter Gardens, Malvern April 5, 1980/Eric’s Liverpool Aug 11, 1979
    $120.00 | , , Add to cart

    1984 German Bootleg on 11 Records Tracks A1 to B4 live at Winter Gardens, Malvern, April 5, 1980 Tracks B5 to B7 live at Eric’s, Liverpool, August 11, 1979 *include a song with Section 25! [...]

  • Joy Division – An Ideal For Living
    $35.00 | , , Read more

    1977 Anonymous Records Recorded at Pennine Sound Studios, December 1977 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Echo & The Bunnymen ‎– Heir, Heir!
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    EP Boot on Beach Records John Peel session, Recorded November 1980 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+  

  • The Cure – Let’s Go
    $50.00 | , , Add to cart

    1985 UK Bootleg on MIW Records Tracks are from the cassette “Curiosity – Cure Anomalies 1977-1984” adding a bonus track “Boys Don’t Cry(take two)” Media [...]

  • The Cure – InCureble Live at Lyceum London May 1981
    $80.00 | , , Read more

    1981 UK Boot LIVE AT LYCEUM LONDON MAY 1981 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+