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  • History Of Leather – Work CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    ‘Gorgeous, churning working class music concrete. Feelings of pure decay and slow motion violence fold perfectly into moments beauty and near tranquil textures. Fast becoming a must be [...]

  • Hartmut Geerkin and Chris Trent – Omniverse Su Ra
    $72.00 | , Add to cart

    Revised and expanded second edition of Hartmut Geerken and Chris Trent’s comprehensive reference Omniverse Sun Ra, originally published in 1994. Full-color 304-page hardcover book. French [...]

  • Helm – Axis
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    London exploratory industrialist Luke Younger characterizes the creation of his latest collection, Axis, as a liberating return to roots: “It felt like going back to the beginning, it felt [...]

  • Hiro Kone – Silvercoat the Throng
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    New York electronic experimentalist Nicky Mao’s 4th full-length, Silvercoat the throng, emerged against the backdrop of lockdown, compelled by an intuitive directive: “resist the urge to [...]

  • Hawkwind: Days Of The Underground
    $30.00 | , Add to cart

    An account of the English rock band Hawkwind shows them to be one of the most innovative and culturally significant bands of the 1970s. Fifty years on from when it first formed, the English rock [...]

  • Hito Steyerl – The Wretched of the Screen
    $15.00 | , Read more

    In Hito Steyerl’s writing we begin to see how, even if the hopes and desires for coherent collective political projects have been displaced onto images and screens, it is precisely here [...]

  • Hilton Als – White Girls
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    White Girls is about, among other things, blackness, queerness, movies, Brooklyn, love (and the loss of love), AIDS, fashion, Basquiat, Capote, philosophy, porn, Eminem, Louise Brooks, and [...]

  • Hal Foster – Brand New Days
    $17.00 | , Read more

    One of the world’s leading art theorists dissects a quarter century of artistic practice Bad New Days examines the evolution of art and criticism in Western Europe and North America over the last [...]

  • HNRTR – True To Form
    $5.00 | , Add to cart

    Cadre Fall 2021 artwork by Paul van Trigt

  • Hijokaidan – Modern 2LP [Urashima Reissue]
    $35.00 | Add to cart

    The Kansai based noise band Hijokaidan, come with the first ever vinyl reissue of Modern, originally released on 1989 in CD format. Resting at a fascinating juncture between space-harsh [...]

  • Holy Mountain – Blu-Ray
    $25.00 | Read more

    Scandal of 1973 Cannes Film Festival, Jodorowsky’s flood of sacrilegious imagery and existential symbolism is a spiritual quest for enlightenment, pitting illusion against truth. The Alchemist [...]

  • Homebodies – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Read more

    A Murder a Day Keeps the Landlord Away! When six mild-mannered senior citizens are told that their old brownstone is going to be torn down, they don’t take the news lightly! Led by a pixie-faced [...]

  • Hapshash And The Coloured Coat ‎– Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    One of the most sought-after of all ’60s cult LPs, 1967’s Hapshash and the Coloured Coat Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids is the sort of record that could only have [...]

  • Harmonia – Deluxe
    $21.00 | , Add to cart

    Harmonia was formed in the early ’70s by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster with Michael Rother of Neu!. Although this supergroup produced only two studio albums – [...]

  • Harmonia – Musik Von Harmonia
    $21.00 | , Read more

    Few bands match the pastoral beauty and majesty of Harmonia, the short-lived German band that existed from 1973 to 1976. The krautrock supergroup, brought together Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim [...]

  • Harmonia & Eno ’76 – Tracks and Traces
    $21.00 | , Add to cart

    Reissue of this collection of tracks by the German band featuring members of Cluster and Neu, plus Brian Eno. Though it was released two decades after it was recorded, the album is a milestone in [...]

  • Heldon – Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Bureau B present a reissue of Heldon’s Un Rêve Sans Conséquence Spéciale, originally released in 1976. Heldon’s Richard Pinhas has never been shy of pinpointing his influences while, [...]

  • Heldon – Allez-Teia
    $27.00 | , Add to cart

    Bureau B present a reissue of Heldon’s second album Allez-Teia, originally released on Disjuncta in 1975. Before making his own music in the early ’70s, Richard Pinhas was a King [...]

  • Hawkwind – Leave No Star Unturned: Cambridge, January 1972
    $34.00 | , Add to cart

    Deluxe 180 gram black virgin vinyl version (matte finish sleeve). Dirter Promotions presents on double vinyl a previously-unheard and unreleased live Hawkwind show from the Cambridge Corn [...]

  • Henry Cow – In Praise Of Learning
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    2020 repress. ReR Vinyl present a reissue of Henry Cow’s In Praise Of Learning, originally released in 1975. A landmark in the history of European experimental rock, the third [...]

  • Henry Cow – Leg End
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    2020 repress. ReR Vinyl present a reissue of Henry Cow’s Leg End, originally released in 1979. This was the first time together on record for Fred Frith, Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler, John [...]

  • Helen – Witch/Zanzibar
    $18.00 | , , Add to cart

    Fifth release for Dark Entries Editions, which is dedicated to reissues of classic Italo Disco 12″ singles. Dark Entries – DE-066 2014 US comp, 33 1/3 rpm, remaster Media Condition [...]

  • Hüsker Dü – Eight Miles High
    $14.00 | , , Read more

    Track A: Produced and engineered at Total Access, Redondo Beach, CA. Track B: Recorded live at the Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg, MAN. SST Records – SST 025 1984 US, 45 rpm Media Condition [...]

  • Haystacks Balboa – S/T
    $32.00 | , , Add to cart

    Only studio album released by prog group, Haystacks Balboa, originally released in 1970. Unclear whether this version is a 1970 pressing or reissue. Polydor – 24-4032 US pressing Media [...]

  • Henri Pousseur – Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-1961
    $16.00 | , Add to cart

    Henri Pousseur was a Belgian composer, teacher, and music theorist active from the 1950s on, influenced by Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Luciano Berio. Pousseur may be lesser known [...]

  • Henk Badings, Dick Raaijmakers – Evolutions, Contrasts & Electronic Music
    $16.00 | , Read more

    One of the most prolific composers of contemporary music in The Netherlands, Henk Badings was born in Indonesia in 1907, the son of an East Indies Company army officer, and orphaned at an early [...]

  • Hyman Bress – The Violin
    $6.00 | , , Add to cart

    Masterfully performed by Canadian violinist Hyman Bressa and released in 1962, this first in a series “primer” on the violin comprises key baroque works by Bach, Corelli, LeClair, and [...]

  • Henry Cow ‎– Western Culture (OG French Pressing)
    $32.00 | , , Read more

    Recorded and mixed at Sunrise Studio, Kirchberg, Switzerland, between 26th July and 8th August 1978, except track 7, January 1978. Celluloid – ltm1013 1979 France, stereo Media Condition [...]

  • Half Japanese – Charmed Life
    $24.00 | , , Add to cart

    50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records – HJ5 1988 US Media Condition – VG, some light scuff marks on both sides, close to VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG, light [...]

  • HollowHecatomb – Procession of Evil CS
    $9.00 | Add to cart

    Pummeling one-man dark metal nightmare from a mainstay of the Milwaukee heavy music scene. Seven tracks summoning unholy D-beat, 80’s hardcore and first-wave black metal. Aggressive, ugly [...]

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch – 4k UHD + Blu-Ray
    $32.00 | Read more

    “It’s Almost Time Kids, The Clock Is Ticking …” A terrified toy salesman is mysteriously attacked. At the hospital, he babbles and clutches the year’s most popular [...]

  • History Of Leather – Courte Oreilles To 33rd CS
    $8.00 | Add to cart

    Brute rust belt concréte compositions of full spectrum, delicate yet hard-edged crumbling narratives from Chicago’s south side. released September 3, 2021 Recorded by P.M. and R.F. at the [...]

  • Halflings – Self Esteem
    $11.00 | , Add to cart

    First Lp released on the legendary RRRecords August 2009. Scathing and virulent perspectives on Suburban life & culture. Coming of age socio-sexual nightmare. Original inserts included with [...]

  • Here Comes Your Midnight Man – A Folk Mixtape – Radio Topo #5
    $5.00 | , Add to cart

    Recycled C60 CS Folk mixtape curated by Alex York (Torn Light/Fantastique) & John Rich (Wasteland Jazz Unit / No Response) C60 (minus a few min’s) of downer folk. Dreary and sad, broken [...]

  • Hijokaidan-Super Extreme King Of Noise
    $22.00 | , Read more

    Track 1 and 2 were recorded at Gourd Island Studio, 2015 From back Cover: Hijokaidan are Jojo Hiroshige: Electric Guitar T. Mikawa: Electronics Junko: Vocal Futoshi Okano: Drums Koichi Nakaya: [...]

  • Heldon – Live In Paris 1976
    $14.00 | , , Add to cart

    Soufflecontinu Records – FFL008 2015 RSD Exclusive Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Henry Cow – Legend
    $22.00 | , , Read more

    Virgin – VR 13-107 1973 US Pressing Media Condition – VG+ with stray light marks Sleeve Condition – VG with light discoloration/shelfwear, sawcut. Promo sticker on front

  • Holly Herndon – Chorus
    $8.00 | , , Add to cart

    12″ single from multi-disciplinary artist Holly Herndon. Jarring and gripping electronics. RVNG Intl. – RVNGNL24 2014 US, limited edition 45rpm Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve [...]

  • Hatsune Kaidan – Live!
    $22.00 | Add to cart

    This CD captures a live Hatsune Kaidan performance at O-Nest in Shibuya, Tokyo on May 3, 2013. Hatusne Kaidan is a Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune. It [...]

  • Hijokaidan – 乾為天
    $22.00 | Add to cart

    Released in 2019, this CD is part of the Alchemy Records Special Edition Series. Hijokaidan is a Japanese noise band, formed in Kyoto in 1979 by Jojo Hiroshige and Naoki Zushi, marking the first [...]

  • Hatsune Kaidan – Starring LeChat
    $22.00 | Read more

    Released in Japan in 2018. Hatsune Kaidan is a Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune. It originally started with the album Hijokaidan 初音階段 before becoming its own [...]

  • Hatsune Kaidan – Best
    $22.00 | Add to cart

    2018 CD compilation of Hatsune Kaidan’s best tracks. Hatusne Kaidan is a Hijokaidan side project using the singing synthesizer Miku Hatsune. It originally started with the album Hijokaidan [...]

  • Henry Franklin – The Skipper
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Though it’s hard to pick a winner among the estimable Black Jazz catalog, this 1972 release from bassist Henry “The Skipper” Franklin would have to be near the top of the list. Franklin got his [...]

  • Henry Franklin – The Skipper At Home (2021 Black Jazz Remaster)
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Bassist Henry Franklin’s 1972 release for Black Jazz, The Skipper, is one of the highlights in a label catalog full of many, and his 1974 follow-up, The Skipper at Home (“The Skipper” is [...]

  • Home Blitz – All Through The Year
    $16.00 | , Read more

    “Mercer County is in central New Jersey, main city is Trenton (they make pork roll) but the more known town is Princeton (they have the college where Einstein spent time thinking grandiose [...]

  • Huevos II – III
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    HUEVOS II — the relatively new, relatively low-profile power trio of Ma Turner, John McGuigan, and Patrick Borezo — began somewhere up east, sometime in the Winter of 2018, and for no [...]

  • Heldon ‎– Stand By
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Bureau B present a reissue of Heldon’s seventh and final album of the 1970s Stand By, originally released in 1979. After the release of Stand By, Richard Pinhas focused on solo LPs before [...]

  • Heldon ‎– Interface
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Bureau B present a reissue of Heldon‘s 6 – Interface, originally released in 1977. A brilliant moment occurs right at the end of Heldon’s sixth album, Interface. The [...]

  • Heldon ‎– Electronique Guerilla
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Bureau B present a reissue of Heldon‘s debut album Electronique Guerilla, originally released on Disjuncta in 1974. In 1973, 22-year old Richard Pinhas was well on his way to becoming a [...]

  • Herbie Hancock – Crossings
    $25.00 | , Read more

    “Crossings was the second release by the Herbie Hancock Sextet lineup known as the Mwandishi Band, following 1971’s Mwandishi which stretched Hancock’s already-adventurous [...]

  • Hannah Baer – Trans Girl Suicide Museum
    $13.00 | , Read more

    “I had a dream once where I found a hyper-cube that was also a book. It was opalescent and glistening, with gold edges. I couldn’t figure out how to read it because I didn’t [...]

  • Happy Refugees – Return To Last Chance Saloon
    $15.00 | , , Add to cart

    Acute Records collection of their LP, 7″, and some demos and alternate takes.  Record is VG, cover is VG+

  • Hecker / Okkyung Lee ‎– Statistique Synthétique / Teum (The Silvery Slit)
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    “Statistique Synthétique” (2020) by Hecker is a computer-generated sound with resynthesized situated texture recordings. Statistique Synthétique draws as much from the history of [...]

  • Horoscope – 1 Play Morose CS
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    Rene J. Nunez Cabrera is a New York City-based artist and composer operating through various monikers: Begun in 2013, Horoscope is central to his orbit of output. “1 Play Morose” is the latest [...]

  • Horace Tapscott Quintet – The Giant Is Awakened
    $23.00 | , Read more

    The title of Horace Tapscott’s debut release is apt, if not self-referential, for indeed a giant of West Coast jazz had awakened with this, the pianist/composer/bandleader’s 1969 album for the [...]

  • HIDE – Interior Terror
    $19.00 | , Add to cart

    HIDE’s third album, Interior Terror further abandons traditional concepts of song structure in favor of splintered rhythms and fevered, immediate release. Expanding on previous themes of [...]

  • Hailu Mergia & The Walias Band – Tezeta
    $20.00 | , Read more

    From their genesis as members of the Venus club in-house band in the early 70s, Hailu Mergia and the Walias Band were at the forefront of the musical revolution during an era where modern [...]

  • Honeybeat: Groovy 60’s Girl Pop
    $28.00 | , Read more

    Hey, ’60s pop collectors…do you suppose there might be some killer rare tracks lurking inside the Sony archives? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too…so we enlisted girl [...]

  • Home Schooled: ABCs of Kid Soul
    $22.00 | , Read more

    The formula was simple: Merge bubblegum and soul with the crackling sincerity of an enthusiastic child, cross your fingers, and pray for airplay. Throw in a publicist, stylists, dance [...]

  • H.C.O.D – Instruments Of Destiny
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    “55 minute journey into severe necrological territory. Eight heavily layered tracks that don’t attempt to repair the heavily damaged skeletal system. Suffocating industrial noise and [...]

  • Holly Herndon – PROTO (US Black Vinyl)
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Holly’s third full-length album PROTO isn’t about A.I., but much of it was created in collaboration with her own A.I.‘baby’, Spawn. For the record, she assembled a contemporary ensemble of [...]

  • Hosono – Cochin Moon
    $20.00 | , Read more

    The unbelievably prolific Haruomi Hosono is one of the major architects of modern Japanese pop music. With his encyclopedic knowledge of music and boundless curiosity for new sounds, Hosono is [...]

  • Hitcher in the Dark – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Read more

    Young and handsome Mark Glazer roams around the southeastern United States in his decked out camper, picking up single female hitchhikers. Once he has the unsuspecting travelers trapped inside [...]

  • Human Larvae – Fever Dreams CS Box
    $15.00 | Read more

      Label Description: Fever Dreams” is the latest full length Human Larvae release, following the recent “Methods Of Submission” series on Cipher Productions. 10 tracks flow [...]

  • Halo x Scarlet Diva – S/T CS
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: A collaboration between Halo & Scarlet Diva A haunting vocal begins each track, a prelude to 2 pieces of Harsh Wall Jcard. Postcard. Presentation envelope. C20

  • Hydravion ‎– S/T [1977 French Cobra Pressing]
    $24.00 | , , Add to cart

    Cobra – COB 37012 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG (Clean Sleeve but has come unglued on seams)

  • Hostage Pageant / Cherry Point / Kazuma Kubota CD
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: Sometimes you have to think big, and when I was finally able to release an unearthed The Cherry Point recording I saw no option but to pair Phil Blankenship’s long-form [...]

  • Halo In Mud – Black Chamber Of The Heart
    $8.00 | Read more

    Dead Gods – GODS63

  • Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror – Blu-Ray
    $18.00 | Add to cart

    Delving into a century of genre films that by turns utilized, caricatured, exploited, sidelined, and finally embraced them, Horror Noire traces the untold history of Black Americans in Hollywood [...]

  • Harry Bertoia – Glowing Sounds
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    Harry Bertoia‘s Glowing Sounds LP contains three versions of the same composition, each transferred at different tape speeds in accordance with the artist’s instructions. This is the [...]

  • Hosoo – Salklake FM CS
    $14.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: HOSOO – <Saltlake FM> The two members gathered and recorded regularly. Suddenly bursting resonance, always good friend noise, repetition of the minimalist’s [...]

  • Hali Palombo – Cylinder Loops
    $8.00 | Read more

    Hali Palombo – all composition Thanks to the UCSB Cylinder Archive for use of their recordings.

  • Hakobune – Sekkan CDr
    $5.00 | , Read more

    ‘Gorgeous, deep electronics. Perfect pick for fans of Radigue, Oliveros, Alio Die, the drone side of Kevin Drumm etc.’ -BH Domestic release of this small run Japanese CD. Hand [...]

  • Heron ‎– S/T
    $20.00 | , Read more

    Trading Places present a reissue of Heron‘s self-titled album, originally released in 1970. Short-lived British folk-rock band Heron was formed in the suburban town of Maidenhead, [...]

  • Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Promo Photo
    $8.00 | , Add to cart


  • Helado Negro – Private Energy
    $27.00 | , Read more

    Helado Negro’s Private Energy will be re-introduced to the public via RVNG Intl. in expanded form on May 5, 2017, appearing on vinyl for the first time alongside new CD and digital editions. [...]

  • Harness – Encased In Marble / Wrapped In Roots CD
    $10.00 | Read more

    Two of America’s finest harsh heads Luke Tandy (Being / Skeleton Dust) and Shane Church (Hostage Pageant / Still Image) team up to explore a slightly less abrasive, more experimental [...]

  • High Boys – Dead Zones
    $14.00 | , Read more

    Jean-Louis Huhta (Dungeon Acid) and Ideal label head Joachim Nordwall unite once again as High Boys for an EP influenced by their love of old school acid, bad vibes, dub 7”s, William S Burroughs [...]

  • Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    Synthesist is the debut album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers. Originally released by Sky Records in 1980, RVNG Intl. [...]

  • Hans-Joachim Roedlius – Durch Die Wüst
    $24.00 | , Read more

    The Bureau B label reissues the first solo record by composer/poet Hans-Joachim Roedelius, one of the most prolific musicians of the German avant-garde and a key figure in the birth of Krautrock, [...]

  • Happy Hell Night – Blu-Ray
    $26.00 | Add to cart

    26 years ago he sold his soul to the devil…now it’s time to pay! On October 31, 1963, seven members of the Phi Delta Kappa fraternity were found brutally mutilated following an occult [...]

  • Haxan – Blu Ray
    $32.00 | Add to cart

    Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath: Benjamin Christensen’s legendary silent film uses a series of dramatic vignettes to explore the scientific hypothesis that the [...]

  • Herukrat – Darkness Over Najaf LP
    $16.00 | Add to cart

    This album marks years of evolution of Herukrat’s sound from a more basic harsh noise to pulsing power electronics, while continuing the tradition of heavy sampling and up-front and [...]

  • Hand Of Dust ‎– Walk In White 7″
    $6.00 | Read more

    Hand Of Dust is a trio from Copenhagen. They somehow belong the Posh Isolation brood but they play a personal variation of dark rock music with roots in folk and with a lot of focus on [...]

  • Heather B – Takin Mine
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    1996 US Pressing 7243-8-38383-1-8 Media Condition: VG+ Sleeve Condition: VG Sealed. Hole punch in top left corner of sleeve. Mild edge wear. ******Interested In More Detailed Photos? Shoot us an Email

  • Hostage Pageant – Extinguisher
    $7.00 | Add to cart

    Breakneck noise suffocation from Shane Church, taking the project back to it’s inception with two short, sharp shocks of fire and smoke that maintain the rawness and fluidity of live dynamics; no [...]

  • Hand of Dust – Like Breath Beneath A Veil LP
    $16.00 | Read more

    Hand Of Dust is one of the most interesting acts going on right now in Copenhagen and they’re finally delivering their first full-length album. In the past few months the band took its time to [...]

  • How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? – S/T LP
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? is a trio from Turin, Italy consisting of Gher, Coccolo and Iside. They play guitars, bass, tapes and reverbs and throw in [...]

  • Hot Guts – Wilds LP
    $14.00 | Read more

    Wilds is the second full length from Philadelphia based post-industrial group Hot Guts. What started off as a raw and gritty Post-punk band in 2007 eventually evolved into a more refined foray [...]

  • Hilary Woods – Birthmarks
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    “Hilary Woods’ Birthmarks has been a labor of intensity and intuition, written over the course of two years. Recorded whilst heavily pregnant between Galway and Oslo in the winter of 2019, [...]

  • Henk Badings & Dick Raaijmakers – Evolutions, Contrasts & Electronic Music
    $22.00 | , Read more

    One of the most prolific composers of contemporary music in The Netherlands, Henk Badings was born in Indonesia in 1907, the son of an East Indies Company army officer, and orphaned at an early [...]

  • Holiday Inn – Torbido LP
    $15.00 | Add to cart

    Fictional larger than life characters come in all forms and ways but no one expected East Rome acid minimal synth-punk duo Holiday Inn to spread their cult in such a distinctive manner, [...]

  • HØRD – Bodies LP
    $18.00 | Add to cart

    HØRD is the solo project of Bordeaux-based synthwave producer Sebastien Carl. Started in 2014, Sebastien has proven himself to be able to gather a cult fan-base around his creation in a short [...]

  • Hannah Dargavel-Leafe – Fountains CS
    $6.00 | Add to cart

    Another great tape from Cincinnati label Eminent Observer. Minimalist tape recordings, the mundane amplified. All sounds recorded and assembled by Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, London 2020 Art by Hannah [...]

  • House Of Harm – Vicious Pastimes LP
    $18.00 | Read more

    Boston is not exactly worldwide known for its coldwave or synth pop artists. Most of us know the Capital of Massachusetts because of its hardcore legacy that still continues today. And yet, just [...]

  • Hardware – Blu-Ray
    $25.00 | Read more

    In this action-packed thriller set in the near future, earth has become a brutal, dehumanized planet where radiation and pollution have taken over. On leave from the combat zone, Mo returns home [...]

  • Halflings – Little Orchard Boy
    $16.00 | Add to cart

    Halflings, the electronic music group of Jeremy Nissan and Ryan Woodhall, was started on Long Island NY in 2005 as a direct response to their suburban upbringing. The duo’s background in DIY punk [...]

  • Hijokaidan/Sissy Spacek-Entropic
    $16.00 | , Read more

    “On the verge of their 40th and in the midst of their 20th anniversaries, respectively, Hijokaidan and Sissy Spacek merge in Tokyo for their first collaboration, featuring Jojo Hiroshige, [...]

  • Hailu Mergia-Lala Belu
    $17.00 | , Read more

    “Capping several successful years traveling the world performing to audiences big and small, Hailu Mergia’s Lala Belu has been a long time coming. It builds on Mergia’s remarkable career [...]

  • Hive Dwellers-Get In
    $4.00 | Read more

    this is for a test.

  • Hijokaidan – The Hijohkaidan Tapes
    $20.00 | Add to cart

    Hijokaidan’s “Hijohkaidan Tapes” came out in 1986 on Jojo Hiroshige’s Alchemy Records and is not only a historical collection of material, but also pays homage to their [...]

  • Hell Comes to Frogtown blu
    $24.00 | , Read more

    In a post-nuclear holocaust wasteland, Sam Hell (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper) is like most other survivors; a nomadic scavenger roaming the bombed out remnants of the world for food and [...]

  • Hermann Nitsch-Albertina Quartett
    $15.00 | , Read more

    LP version. Edition of 400. Reissue of Hermann Nitsch‘s very first release, originally published 48 years ago by Edition Galerie Klewan in a limited edition of 100 copies. Produced and [...]

  • Hissing Tiles – Boychoir
    $17.00 | Add to cart

    Boychoir is the band’s second LP, and first for the experimental label Whited Sepulchre (Midwife, Planning For Burial, Forest Management). Recorded at Cincinnati’s historic Ultrasuede [...]

  • Hamlet Minassian – Armenian Pop Music
    $18.00 | , Read more

    “A winsome and dizzying spin on disco pop, recorded in westernized Iran during the last moments before the 1979 revolution. All but criminalized in the wake of Ayatollah Khomeini’s [...]

  • Happy Mondays ‎– Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)
    $28.00 | , Read more

    “London Records present the first vinyl reissue of Happy Mondays‘ Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out), originally released in 1987. [...]

  • Happy Mondays ‎– …Yes Please!
    $28.00 | , Add to cart

    London Records present a reissue of Happy Mondays’… Yes Please!, originally released in 1992. The last Happy Mondays album on Factory Records – reaching no. 14 in the UK chart. [...]