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Grey Windowpane – Churn Clockburning Ace CS

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Writing about Mazozma aka Ma Turner’s work is like trying to frame a river. Throughout the course of their prolific career and many projects, the Lexington, KY native has explored free improv, freak folk, noise & punk, all while maintaining a singularity of vision within their work. An Mazozma release could only come from Mazozma, and Grey Windowpane’s Churn Clockburner Ace is no exception.

Veering & shifting constantly, Churn Clockburner Ace creates & then straddles a line between modern comp tape music and fried out noise-folk. Picture the sludge and crumble of Dead C alongside the piercing and nauseous overtones of Alvin Lucier. But, as soon as you think you’ve pinned down Churn Clockburner Ace, it contorts in a completely new direction. By the time the tin-can guitar and ghostly voices of the title track appear, you realize that Mazozma’s done it again and you shouldn’t have expected anything less. Personally speaking, I was so surprised and blown away that I had to laugh a little. Surrender to the flow of Mazozma’s river and experience the joy that only a true Kentucky weirdo like they can bring. – Cleo Meyer

All songs performed and recorded by Mazozma February-March 2023 at Lincoln Shoppe in Brighton, UK.

Includes download code for bandcamp.


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