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John O’Neill – Cine/Hollywood Tow

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After years of receiving many of his excellent recordings in my inbox, I’m excited to finally be involved in the materialization of the first proper release by Los Angeles-based artist John O’Neill. I first met him in North Carolina during his youthful harsh noise genesis, and his approach has since developed into improvisation with a solitary, meditative quality that incorporates multiple palettes and approaches. “Cine / Hollywood Tow” provides three examples of such. “Backyard at Zoey and Craig’s” comprises the entire A-side, a perfectly measured piece of environmental ambient that is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Playing it loud over the PA while lingering around the firepit late night on Halloween 2021 was a wonderful way to experience it, perfectly meshing with the sounds of the dark woods. The B side follows with the cold, penetrating system electronics of ‘69.100.01’ and the warmer, static crash whiplash of ‘Station to Station (AM Band)’ whose squelched voices and interferences find themselves in conversation around a droning, synthetic beat. A satisfying survey of moments alone and inspired.


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