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Heart of Palm – Tropique Concrète: Collected CD

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“The palm tree leaves have been uprooted. Each petal turns pink, shedding the season’s rime”

The side project of Clotting’s Shea Hardacre, Heart of Palm is a fading audio snapshot from the edge of paradise – a deceptively simple, yet potent concoction of seaside field recordings and haunting, minimal melodies that cling together like sweat and sand, while distant vocals flutter like sandflies in the cool beach air.

Limited edition tapes on Aught Void, Plush Organics and Hardacre’s own No Coast No Hope label have previously only allowed short trips to this “subconscious tropical oasis.” Tropique Concrète collects the core material from those releases on one compact disc, newly mastered by Grant Richardson and featuring an exclusive bonus track, allowing listeners to enjoy an extended stay, where they can explore the depths of this uniquely framed project without interruption from the mainland.



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