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Birth! – I Will

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What our staff has to say: “Revisited this Midwest classic after hearing of Doug’s passing. An album ahead of its time – and even though it has been years since witnessing a live Birth gig, I can vividly remember him standing far and above many so called ‘digital hardcore’ artists past and present. Real nasty goth shit with a vehemently pissed edge and true heart wrapped in a call to arms self aware / intelligently self challenging stance. RIP” – Brandon

RIP Doug.

“…I’ve spent many years hiding myself from people. No one understands. No one cares, right? I hide for so long that my problems manifest into self-destructive behavior and negative character traits. I drink; I use drugs; I use people; I hate people and I don’t take responsibility; it’s always someone else’s fault and I see that I’m slowly becoming the very things that I hate…
I’ve realized that no one is going to come along and hand me the life that I want. I have to make the choice to own my mistakes. I have to make the choice to own my past. I have to make the choice to move on. I am going to be happy with my life. I am not a victim.”
– Douglas


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