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Torn Light Records
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Vasculae – Broken Lust

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The distant clang and scrape of metals, slow burning atmospherics, and subdued electronics both tonal and textured; less blast and more resignation this time around. Mostly recorded and composed in early 2020 and slowly picked at during the first cycle of the end times. The soundtrack to the death rattles of this life cycle, foreshadowing a slow-motion chemical apocalypse; Let it burn, let it crumble, just let me get some hedonism out of the way before it’s too late.

Three tracks designed as variations on a theme utilizing similar compositional arcs and narratives, with the extra fourth track being a “performance mix” — utilizing the same sources — created for Tabitha Piseno’s ‘Noise & Politics’ on Montez Press Radio in March 2020, as well as the arc of two live performances in Los Angeles just as the world shut down. Edition of 300 copies in digipack.


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