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Primitive Isolation Tactics – Reluctant Glory

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Montreal’s Taylor Geddes is a wearer of many hats in the underground: running the essential noise distro Scream & Writhe as well as his own imprint (Absurd Exposition), moderator of one of the few noise forums in existence, show promoter, and now fest curator with the first year of Initial Shock Fest successfully wrapped up and a second in the works. Last but far from least (and much deserving of a spotlight) is Geddes’ work as Primitive Isolation Tactics

With P.I.T., Geddes delves straight into harsh territory. Reluctant Glory goes full bore into crunching, blown-out tape/metal textures and slams them up against sputtering and crackling equipment. Broken electronics compliment HNW crackles while high pitched squelching builds the tension until an aural pile of metal tumbles forward. Static swells, carries, bursts and it all fades away with a rusty tape loop. This is part of the beauty of P.I.T.’s style: the listener is presented with a buffet of harsh textures not linked to a single subgenre of HN. Variety is the ever-present secret spice here and it is used carefully. A high point in P.I.T.’s catalogue to be snatched up by fans and newcomers alike.

Recycled tapes, recycled tape cases, silk-screened/hand-stamped labels, and two color j-cards printed on recycled paper.

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