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Alex York – Electro Paralysis

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Frequent patrons of the Prime Ruin catalog should already recognize Alex York as a household name but for those that don’t, here is a brief introduction: Hailing from the Cincinnati, OH area, York has a solid catalog of work not just under the aforementioned label, but has released a number of tapes under his own well-known imprint and brick and mortar store, Torn Light. His previous experimental endeavors featured a number of eerie, textural, sample/loop-based soundscapes that one may find easy to drift into. We see that here again with Electro-Paralysis showcasing York’s ability to explore a variety of approaches to sound collage but still curate a specific vision.

Electro Paralysis leads us into a haunted zone right away with a voice narrating secret passages over organ drones, a disembodied chorus of spirits, and dreamy synth loops. While the careful placement of softer snyths and deliberately paced vocals leads us in one direction, we are quickly thrown a curveball of frantic strings, electronic bursts and tape textures. These abrupt cues keep us as listeners on our toes while also pulling back the sonic curtain for a moment, allowing us to ‘see’ what’s happening on the other side. Just as quickly, we’re returned to a near-paranoid state of tense synthesis and psychedelia. Once again, York has brought us into a dream-world but he hovers above it all, shifting scenes while we remain stationary.

Recycled tapes, recycled tape cases, silk-screened/hand-stamped labels, and two color j-cards printed on recycled paper.

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