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Showing all 5 results

  • Aaron Dilloway – Live 9.10.22
    Aaron Dilloway – Live 9.10.22
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    This is the official live recording of Aaron Dilloway’s set in Ithaca, NY on September 10th 2022. With only three days to plan, the venue for the show was acquired, […]

  • Primitive Isolation Tactics – Reluctant Glory
    Primitive Isolation Tactics – Reluctant Glory
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    Montreal’s Taylor Geddes is a wearer of many hats in the underground: running the essential noise distro Scream & Writhe as well as his own imprint (Absurd Exposition), moderator of [...]

  • Alex York – Electro Paralysis
    Alex York – Electro Paralysis
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    Frequent patrons of the Prime Ruin catalog should already recognize Alex York as a household name but for those that don’t, here is a brief introduction: Hailing from the Cincinnati, […]

  • Franciska – Afvikling
    Franciska – Afvikling
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    The latest in the prolific output of Copenhagen’s talented Jonas Torstensen, better known as Franciska. Those already familiar with Franciska’s output from the past couple years on [...]

  • Stinkmeat – Stinkmeat
    Stinkmeat – Stinkmeat
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    “Who is he?!” While the subgenre of gorenoise may be a hair outside of this label’s wheelhouse, Gracious Host is no less proud to present the debut of Ithaca’s STINKMEAT. [...]