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Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) CS

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Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song)

Here: Cassette plus 1 Digi Track (Excerpt)
Industrial Coast Big Cartel: Cassette Only

An ill-at-ease musing on home and place.

“Derelict (Pump Song) is a warped love letter to Throbbing Gristle hidden in the entrails of a vivisected Dead cover. Originally developed as part of the Your Trip Is Short series, the track began as a somewhat backhanded tribute to inescapable influences but grew into something else – a haunted portrait of emptying hometowns & petrochemical malaise. Conversations with the artist Sascha Cajandig (@dumb_phantom on Instagram) about early industrial music and sense of place led to the cover art, which overlays the acid-damaged utopia glimpsed in the iconography of yellowing flyers on the weary but implacable frame of what dooms us. An iridescent puddle, reflecting grey clouds.

Memory is a Lie Required by the Self (Rain Song), the second side, is a fever dream of drowning and finding unexpected solace in the overwhelm and undertow.


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