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Iota Leonis – The Third Star Of Right Wall Of Supreme Palace Enclosure

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What our staff has to say: “I get how the star system Iota Leonis inspired this album. Each track is as epic and varied as what’s in the night sky. You’ll find lush orchestral textures, harsh distortion and everything in between.” – Hannah

For the entirety of history, mankind has been fascinated and humbled by the incomprehensible immensity of the night skies and the universe contained within them. Eternally expanding and impossible to fully catalog, humanity has spent millennia mapping the heavens to bestow meaning to their chaos. Within the constellation Leo resides a triple star system known as Iota Leonis – 24.2 parsecs away from the sun and faintly visible to the naked eye, it is epic yet elusive, and serves as the inspiration for the new album by longtime collaborators JH and BW.

The four tracks contained on The Third Star of Right Wall of Supreme Palace Enclosure began as exploratory solo recording sessions by JH (Disperser, Ex Fauna, Humans) utilizing an electric guitar into an assortment of effects pedals. With a musical career comprised mostly of disorienting and dissonant riffs covered in distortion, the material served as a vast departure from JH’s normal fare, while adding his unique complexity to otherwise simple, repetitive melodies. Layer after layer of guitar tracks were captured, interweaving in and out and through each other, building to crescendos and then fading to nothing. When BW (Gnaw Bone, Ex Fauna, Hail Architeuthis!) came into the picture, new life flowed through it with the addition of symphonic elements like violin, cello, tuba, timpani, and more, filling out the sonic spectrum.

Drawing heavy influence from bands like MONO, Explosions in the Sky, and other post-rock masters, TTSORWOSPE is a short but elegant exploration of mournful melodies woven into a tapestry of subdued reservation highlighted by moments of brief elation.

Featuring collage artwork by DAS created entirely without the use of computers, laid out in reverse orientation to open backwards.


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