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Mokre’tzy Konstruktor – Forms

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Dead Channel is proud to present Forms, a new album, from Mokre’tzy Konstruktor. A monumental mutant minimal synth masterpiece, filled with gnarled electronics and dystopian soundscapes.

Based in Russia, Mokre’tzy Konstruktor is one of the best kept secrets of minimal wave and experimental electronics. Fusing gritty synths, mangled drum machines, delays, alien vocals and an improvisational style, Forms is destined to be a new classic.

Influenced by music’s psychological impact on perception of the surrounding world, and spelled out in their own words, Forms is “an attempt to cut through its dark component, to quickly reflect the emotional state of the moment. Inspired by reflections on the frailty of life… The attitude towards what turns out as a result is devoid of claims and musical ambitions; just an experiment to get to know yourself better.”


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