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Ted Byrnes – All Hands

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“There’s something life reaffirming about each Ted Byrnes release. The intensity of his playing is ejaculatory and joyful. His recordings are intimate, and every time I hear them I feel like I’ve been ushered into a private ritual by a masked attendant to see something in a molten, liminal space outside of daily experience. Purity has not yet been fully exorcised from modern life, and in Ted’s work, it feels like we can still have a brush with that elusive quality. Something flows directly from his heart into his work, and the flurry of rattles, pops, rolls and plinks in his sound feels like taking flight. There’s a momentum he builds over each painstaking, feverishly rendered track that’s entirely unto itself. On his new release “All Hands,” Byrnes is as vibrant and exploratory as ever. He absolutely jackhammers through cuts like “Gifts” and imbues opener “Adjacent Object” with little frills and touches that indicate the subtlety he explored on another excellent 2020 release, “Tactility.” He’s the kind of artist you can show practically anyone and leave them mouths agape. If you can split the difference between Penis Geyser and Rashied Ali, as Ted has, you’re clearly onto something – and if you’re not listening to Mr. Byrnes, I have no idea what you’re doing.” – Josh Landes (Limbs Bin)


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