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  • Drone – A Perfect Blind
    Drone – A Perfect Blind
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    The 2nd in our 3 drøne reissues, released on cassette for the first time, in anticipation of new material from the band late ’19, early ’20 a perfect blind was […]

  • Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) CS
    Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) CS
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    Label Description: Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) Here: Cassette plus 1 Digi Track (Excerpt) Industrial Coast Big Cartel: Cassette Only An ill-at-ease musing on home and place. [...]

  • Xambuca – Dissimulata CS
    Xambuca – Dissimulata CS
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    Recorded live, March 2020, just prior to the closure of the world Xambuca is Chandra Shukla: Xambuca are an international concept multimedia/music performance group consisting of sound artist [...]