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  • Crazy Doberman x God Is War – Waking Up With Remixes In Your Ears
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    The 1st in series of remixes of earlier Industrial Coast releases: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition God Is War re-invents Crazy Doeberman’s “Waking Up With Moths in Your Ears” A [...]

  • V/A – Big Destruction Rumble
    $19.00 | , Add To Cart

    In collaboration with Dismantle! we bring you the Big Destruction Rumble Put on your headphones, sit back and watch these 20 brutes fight one another on an action packed mega […]

  • Gris Futuro – Hide & See
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    Debut release from this minimal synth / synth-pop duo formed by Egle Naujokaityte and Rogelio Serrano, based in Mexico City

  • Rush Falknor – Kindom Come All Orchards
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    C40. Program repeats both sides. Jcard, postcard, presentation envelope Expanded electronics out of Chicago, Illinois

  • Yellow Bulb – One Last Year
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    travis kuhlman . drums/perc/noise/coverphoto d haddon . guitars/electronics/vocals david mansfield . acoustic on falls across my field of view sara storm . spoken word on fitter than the gloove [...]

  • Double Dragon – Lefeblood
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    Double Dragon – Lifeblood Sean Fennessy Joseph Mauro The Only Way We Get Of This Hott Road Is By Going Full Speed Down It

  • Halalchemists – Total Nihilistic Butchery
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    Halalchemists Total Nihilistic Butchery Implements : A1 Total Nothing Blank Iii A2 Cry Me A River [Tnb-Halalchemy Live Newcastle 1983-2006] B1 Untitled [Total Nothing Blank Ii] B2 Senzuri Nothing [...]

  • Andrew Nolan + LIke Weeds – S/T
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    C30 Like Weeds – Rhythmic Electronic Minimalism Andrew Nolan – Leaning Deeper Into The Dub & Hip Hop Techniques The 1St Collaboration By The Pair Since 1999 (Joshua Norton [...]

  • Scald Hymn & Greyhound – S/T
    $15.00 | , Add To Cart

    “Scald Hymn Is A Pure Representation Of American Noise. The Distilled Sound Of Sweaty House Shows, Post-Industrial Refuse, And An Artist Brave Enough To Inject Moments Of Beauty Into The [...]

  • Smell & Quim – Snizz Guzzler CS
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    Sold out at the source!!! Label Description: Original released as an edition of 10, only available at a Paris show in February 1997. We are delighted to re issue Snizz […]

  • Maar – Sun Boxes CS
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    Label Description: Maar – Sun Boxes C30 Mid-West Weird is a set of 8 cassette releases, in 2 batches, celebrating our love of improvised sound. ‘Mid-West’ is a loose term […]

  • Alex Cunningham – Two for Olivia CS
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    Label Description: Alex Cunningham – Two for Olivia C24 Mid-West Weird is a set of 8 cassette releases, in 2 batches, celebrating our love of improvised sound. ‘Mid-West’ is a [...]

  • Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) CS
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    Label Description: Signal Decay – Derelict (Pump Song) Here: Cassette plus 1 Digi Track (Excerpt) Industrial Coast Big Cartel: Cassette Only An ill-at-ease musing on home and place. [...]

  • Babak Ahteshamipour – Means of an End CS
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    Label Description: Babak Ahteshamipour is an Iranian visual artist and musician based in Athens, Greece This release consists of two one-take improvisations. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Syn [...]

  • Chaz Knapp – Escapism CS
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    Label Description: Chaz Knapp is an American introvert, composer, and multi-instrumentalist: “Strange, experimental, charming and, well, stoned.” The Guardian “There’s a wonderful delicate [...]

  • V/A – Free Sound System//Kill The Bill
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    V/A – Free Sound System//Kill The Bill Circa C60. Handmade tracklisting/flyer. Sticker. Presentation Envelope. Artists: Nick Klein, Glyn Maier, DJ October, Stonecirclesampler, DJ [...]

  • Tantric Death – Pearls Before Swine
    $10.00 | Add To Cart

    Scrap metal harsh noise – Raleigh, North Carolina Max Julian Eastman – Noise/Vox Kelly Koistinen – Trumpet/Vocal c20

  • BlackCloudSummoner – Power Ballads
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  • Johan Zetterquist – Study for a Monument XXII – XXXVIII CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    Johan Zetterquist is back on Industrial Coast! XXII – XXVIII A 1. Study for a Monument (the music) XXII 2. Study for a Monument (the music) XXIII 3. Study for […]

  • Scott King & Guests – All Celebrities Are Dead And The Telly is Empty CS
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    Scott King:: All Celebrities Are Dead And The Telly is Empty An unexpected result of the pandemic. All celebrities have killed themselves & there is nothing on TV. What are […]

  • TSM/NCR – Split CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    To celebrate the 24th year of the Project, TSM presents a split live single with NCR, having been inspired to make noise after seeing the Merzbow Disobey gig in 1995 […]

  • Autoerotichrist x IOM – Untitled CS
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    The very 1st in an ongoing series of releases to support Human Appeal (Palestine) – both to provide support in respect of the immediate crisis, and long term funding of […]

  • YKSIN – Oracle CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    Picking up a natural progression from where Winters in Osaka left off, almost a decade earlier, Adam Jennings & Andy Lippoldt return as YKSIN Weirdo, haunting electronics

  • Jacob Winans – Javelina Hide CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    Following releases on No Rent & Flag Day Recordings amongst others, delighted that Jacob joins us here at Industrial Coast! The soundtrack to a road trip? A C25. Label to […]

  • Exome – Invisible Weeping CS
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Label Description: A follow up to No One Deserves an Empty Life on Phage Tapes. Lorenzo Arcari presents a disquieting release, of industrial noise generated from field recordings taken in […]

  • Edv3ctor – Proper Title CS
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    Label Description: A welcome return to Industrial Coast for our man in Leeds, edv3ctor Proper Title is a dark hour long plus journey through eerie ambient – a dark ambient […]

  • Leather Parisi – Clockwise Mayhem CS
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    Our favourite Italian Techno Noise Industrialiast is back! Leather Parisi – Clockwise Mayhem Anxiety and the daily rush that marks our daily life. Each song reperesents one hour of the […]

  • KP Transmission – Inferno di Dante CS
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    Label Description: Following up the amazing release via Klamm Klang in 2020, KP Transmission (Karina Kazaryan) delivers Inferno di Dante for Industrial Coast Written for the site specific [...]

  • Mia Zabelka & Icostech – Aftershock CS
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    Label Description: Aftershock is a collaborative effort by violinist extraordinaire Mia Zabelka, Vienna and extreme metal bassist/guitarist Arun N, Bangalore which reflect their respective styles [...]

  • Presidiomodelo x Oil Texture – Reminiscence of Sound Shapes CS
    $12.00 | Add To Cart

    Label Description: c60. Sunset yellow cassette. On body print. Jcard. 2x original postcard art. Presentation envelope presidiomodelo – dark ambient soundscapes, Novosibirsk, Russia Oil [...]

  • Xambuca – Dissimulata CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    Recorded live, March 2020, just prior to the closure of the world Xambuca is Chandra Shukla: Xambuca are an international concept multimedia/music performance group consisting of sound artist [...]

  • Sophie Sparham – Sunrsie Over Aldi CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    Sunrise Over Aldi – Sophie Sparham & Christopher Gregory Sophie Sparham is a writer from Derby. She has written commissions for BBC Radio 4, The V&A and The People’s History […]

  • TSM – NOISE-HEAD – Lowest Form Home Recordings 1990-1999 CS
    $11.00 | Add To Cart

    The 2nd in our Archival cassette releases Artist: TSM Title: NOISE-HEAD – Lowest Form Home Recordings 1990-1999 The back story: Big Si aka Sci-Fi aka TSM (known to his mates […]