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Torn Light Records
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Cincinnati, OH 45220

Monday - Saturday
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Showing all 26 results

  • Johan Zetterquist – Study for a Monument XXII – XXXVIII CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Johan Zetterquist is back on Industrial Coast! XXII – XXVIII A 1. Study for a Monument (the music) XXII 2. Study for a Monument (the music) XXIII 3. Study for a Monument (the music) XXIV 4. [...]

  • Scott King & Guests – All Celebrities Are Dead And The Telly is Empty CS
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    Scott King:: All Celebrities Are Dead And The Telly is Empty An unexpected result of the pandemic. All celebrities have killed themselves & there is nothing on TV. What are we going to do [...]

  • TSM/NCR – Split CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    To celebrate the 24th year of the Project, TSM presents a split live single with NCR, having been inspired to make noise after seeing the Merzbow Disobey gig in 1995 (immortalised on the Blast [...]

  • Autoerotichrist x IOM – Untitled CS
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    The very 1st in an ongoing series of releases to support Human Appeal (Palestine) – both to provide support in respect of the immediate crisis, and long term funding of medical supplies [...]

  • YKSIN – Oracle CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Picking up a natural progression from where Winters in Osaka left off, almost a decade earlier, Adam Jennings & Andy Lippoldt return as YKSIN Weirdo, haunting electronics

  • Jacob Winans – Javelina Hide CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Following releases on No Rent & Flag Day Recordings amongst others, delighted that Jacob joins us here at Industrial Coast! The soundtrack to a road trip? A C25. Label to side A, Jcard, [...]

  • 100 Psychic Dreams – Bronze Stroker CS
    $10.00 | Read more

    Label Description: Mastered by Paul Coleman AKA Sinkcharmer Artwork by Shane Sanchez All original sounds by 100 Psychic Dreams : Boss DR-202, Roland SP-404, Yamaha PS-270, Casio SK-1, Microkorg, [...]

  • Exome – Invisible Weeping CS
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: A follow up to No One Deserves an Empty Life on Phage Tapes. Lorenzo Arcari presents a disquieting release, of industrial noise generated from field recordings taken in many [...]

  • Edv3ctor – Proper Title CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: A welcome return to Industrial Coast for our man in Leeds, edv3ctor Proper Title is a dark hour long plus journey through eerie ambient – a dark ambient & computer [...]

  • The Doubtful Guest – Acid Mixers of bf2019 CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    Label Description: For the Industrial Coast Archival Series The Doubtful Guest Libby Floyd. Former opera singer Libby Floyd, from Chicago, USA, now living in London, UK, writing acid, gabba, [...]

  • Leather Parisi – Clockwise Mayhem CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Our favourite Italian Techno Noise Industrialiast is back! Leather Parisi – Clockwise Mayhem Anxiety and the daily rush that marks our daily life. Each song reperesents one hour of the day [...]

  • KP Transmission – Inferno di Dante CS
    $10.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: Following up the amazing release via Klamm Klang in 2020, KP Transmission (Karina Kazaryan) delivers Inferno di Dante for Industrial Coast Written for the site specific [...]

  • Zach Rowden – Inertia Nowehere CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    Label Description: The prolific resident of New Haven, Conneticut has released with Tongue Depressor, Marsh Chapel & Dracula Pamphlet (accomopanying Crazy Doberman, Mack Shami & Vomir), [...]

  • Smell & Quimm – Pro-Celebrity Mutual Masturbation CS
    $13.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: #4 in our series of Archival releases Originally released on Japanese imprint Kubitsuri Tapes in 1996, the core of the release has been fully re-mastered, and those pieces [...]

  • Halo x Scarlet Diva – S/T CS
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: A collaboration between Halo & Scarlet Diva A haunting vocal begins each track, a prelude to 2 pieces of Harsh Wall Jcard. Postcard. Presentation envelope. C20

  • Mia Zabelka & Icostech – Aftershock CS
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: Aftershock is a collaborative effort by violinist extraordinaire Mia Zabelka, Vienna and extreme metal bassist/guitarist Arun N, Bangalore which reflect their respective styles [...]

  • Various Artists – Save The Stones CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    Label Description: Psychedelic Junglist Hardcore Druids! Curated over a number of months by Industrial Coast & DJ Damage (1-800 Iceman, Grimescapes), submissions have been pared down – [...]

  • Presidiomodelo x Oil Texture – Reminiscence of Sound Shapes CS
    $12.00 | Add to cart

    Label Description: c60. Sunset yellow cassette. On body print. Jcard. 2x original postcard art. Presentation envelope presidiomodelo – dark ambient soundscapes, Novosibirsk, Russia Oil [...]

  • The Four Plugs – The Lost Tapes 1979 – 1980 CS
    $12.00 | Read more

    The back story: The Four Plugs are John Irvine. One 7″ single, recorded in Redcar, released 1979 & subsequently much played by Henry Rollins on his radio shows across the globe Weirdly [...]

  • Xambuca – Dissimulata CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Recorded live, March 2020, just prior to the closure of the world Xambuca is Chandra Shukla: Xambuca are an international concept multimedia/music performance group consisting of sound artist [...]

  • Alexandra Atnif – Seekers Of The Void CS
    $12.00 | Read more

    Label Description: C54. Jcard, paneled, with artwork to front & inner, side A label, bespoke postcard art alongside generic IC postcard, presentation envelope Original released as digital [...]

  • Sophie Sparham – Sunrsie Over Aldi CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    Sunrise Over Aldi – Sophie Sparham & Christopher Gregory Sophie Sparham is a writer from Derby. She has written commissions for BBC Radio 4, The V&A and The People’s History Museum. [...]

  • TSM – NOISE-HEAD – Lowest Form Home Recordings 1990-1999 CS
    $11.00 | Add to cart

    The 2nd in our Archival cassette releases Artist: TSM Title: NOISE-HEAD – Lowest Form Home Recordings 1990-1999 The back story: Big Si aka Sci-Fi aka TSM (known to his mates locally as [...]

  • Madeline Darby – Innovation CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    SOLD OUT AT SOURCE!!! Madeline Darby: Innovation C24. Pumpkin orange cassette. Label to side A. Presentation envelope. Industrial Coast Post Card Madeine is an experimental electronics artist [...]

  • Our Wrongs x God Is War CS
    $12.00 | Read more

    A collaboration between Our Wrongs (Kenny Sanderson, Adam Jennings) & God Is War (Mack Shami) 3 track cassette, C20 Art work by Shea Hardacre – 2 sided jcard, Side A Label, 2 sided [...]

  • Michael Berdan – Elegy CS
    $11.00 | Read more

    Michael Berdan: Elegy Frontman for Uniform, Michael has a number of releases set for 2021 under his own name. We are delight to offer Elegy. A 4 track cassette, with the programme repeating on [...]