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Xambuca – Dissimulata CS

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Recorded live, March 2020, just prior to the closure of the world

Xambuca is Chandra Shukla:

Xambuca are an international concept multimedia/music performance group consisting of sound artist Chandra Shukla and visual artist Geo Lynx

Past XAMBUCA performances and installations have involved various persons and always included Chandra Shukla as an organizational and leading constant though XAMBUCA’s members and lineups are always changing performance to performance

XAMBUCA’s sole objective is to create audio-visual environments in which alternate realities reside, while forcing extreme human reactions. This is achieved by implementing space, sound and visuals and more often human interaction and less often dance that result in pieces as whole, synchronized movements

XAMBUCA’s intent is not to experiment with but to expose intended effects upon its audience and consider its external observation for certain outcomes. The variables involved are not limited and the persons involved are ever changing

C60. Jcard. Postcard Art. Presentation Envelope


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