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Point Of Memory – Void Pusher

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Void Pusher is acoustic computer music; combining digital cut ups and live ambient noise with raw organic qualities. Inaudible super-bass frequencies pumping through a room filled with acoustic instruments and electric guitars set to quaver and rumble sympathetically. Then record the result; a cacophony of resounding snares, harmonizing drones and the subtle rattle of shakers, bells and tambourines. Most of the time you can’t hear the bass, just the reactions to it. Sometimes the bass didn’t create any rattle at all. By passing the source sounds through amplifiers at their original frequencies and mixing them with their reactive acoustic counterparts, each moment assumes its own physical logic, a sense of movement and consequence, accidentally adhering to Newton’s third law of motion: for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The intention behind this project was to create an album that, despite undergoing extensive manipulation, emanates a sense of human warmth and soul. All the source sounds were recorded live or processed through reamplification and manipulated live in a studio setting before being edited at home. The recording sessions took place during spring, summer, winter, and fall, capturing a broad spectrum of moods without deliberately seeking catharsis. The aim was to remain emotionally open and avoid excessive direction, in a superstitious attempt to capture something of the human condition writ large. Rather than pursuing personal emotional release, the goal was to embrace the human experience more generally and avoid individual emotional states. The logic is that creating music that resonates with universal feelings and sentiments is more challenging than producing work that is solely introspective and self-referential. In this way, the artist sought to be a conduit of the human condition rather than a “writer.” In both method and aspiration, the artist seeks to listen for what is already transpiring within us, between us, around us, rather than risk drowning it out with an idea of what should be.
It is hoped that through Void Pusher, something of the human
experience has been captured. — Point of Memory


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