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John Krausbauer + Patrick Shiroishi – High Life 7″

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High Life is like a mini-album, a short journey or guide. The perfect use of the 7″ format, showcasing the range of this inventive duo with each playing their core instruments of violin (Krausbauer) and saxophone (Shiroishi), along with some organ drones and singing.

On the a-side, Bird’s Song starts things off with John’s beautiful pulsing organ swells, while Patrick comes in blustering and quick with a cacophony of notes. The world is waking up. They then set off traversing the dynamic range of the free-improv landscape on the title track High Life, with sharp interplay between the droning and soaring violin and skipping free-sax melodies.

On the b-side, the trek continues with Swing Low, as John’s grinding Conrad-esque violin drones lay a base for Patrick’s track-long skronking sax solo. They finish off the trip, and the 7″, with the raga meditations of Tuning In & Turning On, all chanting voices and organ drone; the world lays its head down.


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