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Waxy Tomb – Imminent Fold LP

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LP includes a 25 page full-color art booklet. Amorphous and perplexing, Jules Litman-Cleper’s work as Waxy Tomb can incidentally incite a notion of chaos or randomness in the foreground while expressing a series of distilled dialogs that are best understood while digesting the project as a whole. On a surface level, “Imminent Fold” may seem like a playful exhibition of alien commentary ? guided by colliding textures and electronic anomalies. This material, in conjunction with her visuals, functions as a field report on the intrusion of industrial and urban landscapes and digital processes on the fabric weaved by natural structure.

Jules Litman-Cleper is a Bay Area native and has been offering multi-media performances and releasing work under the Waxy Tomb guise since 2011. “Imminent Fold” is the first appearance on the LP format and is a 40 minute dive into this petri dish, with a high-quality book of imagery created as an equally important visual accompaniment to the record.
RIYL: the place that is slightly further out than the most left field releases from the early years of Rough Trade, Subterranean or Mute, while finding sporadic comradery with the likes of Laurie Anderson, Metalux and Inflatable Boy Clam


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