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Soft Shoulder – Formerly On Flourescent Paper LP

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Formerly on Fluorescent Paper delivers 14 jaunts culled from the artist’s tape soup collage of several generations’ worth of punk and no-wave adjacent music. Be it jagged, angular, short tracks… atonal layers in otherwise listener-friendly settings… repetitive string clang aside gurgling synth and flailing reed-bite… Soft Shoulder continues to be the primary vehicle for Fella’s take on songwriting, in whatever the loosely defined genre(s) may be. However, compared to Not The New One (an eclectic collection of various incarnations), Contextual Depreciation (performance and practice tapes from the current group) and the recent Copy Machine Fall Down 7” (an abstract, long-distance-collaboration) …Formerly On Fluorescent Paper finds Fella alone. Written and recorded in the fever-dream of late 2020. Mastered by John Dieterich.


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