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Sofia Carbonara – On Names

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I recorded the voices of my parents (Joaquin & Daniela) reading off phonemes (the sounds in words) from Spanish, Italian, and German in search of what my name was made out of. I took this to the vibraphone.

Crawling inside a mouth, inner metal parts sang. On Names is the time I spent there.


The mobile pictured was imagined by me and carefully constructed by Zoe Cutler, with me as her assistant. This object was passed on to Ana-Hansa Ogren, who crafted an image from the object (with text added by Mike Collino of Alien Passengers). In Ana’s words:

“I’ve been thinking…on relationships between our neural pathways (synaptic maps that are constantly morphing based on our experiences and environments), rhizomatic thinking and creativity, deltas and tributaries, and root/branch systems (trees and plants shoot energy pathways in multiple directions) that all came together in this image. To me [this image] simply communicates the deep and all encompassing wildness that language and more rigid forms of communication operate in, [in] the context of infinite complexity [that] is the environment…comparatively rudimentary technologies (like our languages) create unnecessary complexity which often dilute rather than enrich our experience of that environment in order to use them as tools of power…”


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