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Indiegubben – Morka Moln

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He doesn’t tell me too much about how he makes the music, it just happens. Wise decision making from a seasoned listener and (only recent) sound creator. Magnus Jensen is Indiegubben, an “independent geezer” in Swedish dialect, hailing from the city of Lund in Southern Sweden.

Indiegubben transcends the fabrics of space and time with only a few sonic ingredients. A firmament-bound gesture, his album Mölka Moln suggests the passage of time on some faraway beaches. Namely the beaches of Revhaken and Snickarhaken where much of his field recordings were culled from. A holiday for the head. Restrained in moments of eternal klexos. A beautiful longing for a better world.

Personally, Magnus is also a warm, long- distance friend, sharing a mutual admiration for Civilistjävel! and other expansive Swedish music. Recorded material has the power to connect and transcend.


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