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Ryu Hankil – 3

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Released by Incheon Art Platform in Korea.

“This is also connected with exorcism. In the ruling system of medieval religion and politics, demons, devils, etc. were treated as viruses that could contaminate the governing system or as bad sectors inside the memory that caused malfunctions. Since the devil constructs a position value in the system through the body of a person possessed by the devil, it is necessary to find out the devil’s real name, that is, the prototype code or pattern information in order to expel the devil. Therefore, in exorcism, numerous physical and psychological tortures are applied until the devils confess their names. This is a mechanism similar to the filter being discussed in signal processing. To obtain one clear signal or information, strong filtering is applied to the entire signal system, which is commonly referred to as noise. Filtering is a kind of existential torture machine. Aging is the process of cutting and scraping unnecessary things in order to be established as ‘usability’ filtered by social filters. It is because children are less filtered that we mention the so-called amazing imagination of children. From an evolutionary point of view, especially natural selection, filters apply selection pressure, which is done by nature or the environment. Reason is the result of systematic filtering.”

from Ryu Hankil’s ③ text
(Korean, English pdf versions of the entire text are included in this release)

Exhibition Curation – Kim Hyunjin
Artwork & Design – Jeon Yong Wan
Text – Ryu Hankil
Text translation – Orolo
Proofread – Douglas Jardine
Mastered By Kim, Changhee
Mixing & Mastering Studio – dNTS (
Producer – Ryu Hankil
Supported by – Incheon Art Platform


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