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Showing all 9 results

  • Geklaper – Penitent Judge
    Geklaper – Penitent Judge
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    A rich, introspective journey towards the deep zone of repentance. The newest effort by Russian artist Geklaper is a broken, tape flutter-stained affair, retaining some moments of hopefulness but [...]

  • Doris Dana – Sentimental Atmospheres
    Doris Dana – Sentimental Atmospheres
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    Thought forms arranged on a timeline swept along by the dusty cacophony of emotional debris. Radiating vibrations trapped in memory vessels, existing in our constantly rotating loop of life. [...]

  • Indiegubben – Morka Moln
    Indiegubben – Morka Moln
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    He doesn’t tell me too much about how he makes the music, it just happens. Wise decision making from a seasoned listener and (only recent) sound creator. Magnus Jensen is […]

  • Night Foundation – Reflection
    Night Foundation – Reflection
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    Reflection first began as a series of three recordings I made for my close friend and colleague, the performance artist Ana Mendez. The purpose of the music was to accompany […]

  • Anasisana – Ever So Beautiful
    Anasisana – Ever So Beautiful
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    Tunisian artist Anasisana makes his Noir Age debut with “Ever So Beautiful,” a lush ouvre of existential synth pads and droning embers coalescing in five tracks of electronic [...]

  • Zhe Pechorin – Signs
    Zhe Pechorin – Signs
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    Belgrade-based artist Zhe Pechorin makes her Noir Age debut with “Signs,” a seasoned burrow below the soils of contemplation, suspended synths swaying with the ether, against a [...]

  • Möthersky – Remain In Memory
    Möthersky – Remain In Memory
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    I never was in a punk band. Began music by making slow-paced space racket, solo with old tape loops around 2005. Then Möthersky was conceived, starting as a solo instrumental […]

  • taupe set xl – shadow of venus
    taupe set xl – shadow of venus
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    What our staff has to say: “There is always a teetering feeling I have with ambient music. I’m on the verge of standing in place as the piece moves past […]

  • Distant Tongues – Ongue Ditas
    Distant Tongues – Ongue Ditas
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    A recent long-distance virtual studio collaboration between close colleague and fellow traveller Raphael Alvarez of Guatemala/Cuba via North Carolina, and Richard Vergez. Ongue Ditas is a melding [...]