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Shadowklan – Einstein’s Rainbow

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Shadow Klan is a ghost. Like Sun Ra he is utterly aware that it’s after the end of the world. And if that is the case, then he’s already gone, and as Sun Ra said, that’s where true peace exists. Ra was interested in Discipline and if there was a subtitle or allusion here the alternate title of this recording could be called “Discipline 313.” It’s not that he’s describing similar myth structures, it’s that he’s ripping them apart in the lyrics, Shadow Klan is questioning the need and welcomingness of these myth structures. He’s asking what these systems produce for humans or earth. When he raps about ‘Saturdays’ or is it ‘sadder days’ he says, ‘wake up/at your discretion.” This is peak questioning.

For years, Shadow Klan, could be found outside sporting events in pre-Gentrification asking the fundamental question, “Do you like music?” Then he would give you a CD even if you couldn’t pay. It was underground, homemade, and personal. Who coil;d want anything deeper than an act of generosity that helps you question all of the things we so easily, collectively take for granted?


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