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Kanye West – Donda

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What our staff has to say: “Donda is the nexus of Kanye’s genius and mania. Praising god, remembering his mother and grieving the breakup of his family. It is easy to dismiss and cut down someone in the now, but his albums will be remembered forever and different reasons and music evolves over time and you notice he was there first. ‘Moon’ is one of my favorite tracks in years. Beautiful production all around. So hyped to have these in the shop.” – Alex

Kanye West – Donda – 4LP Deluxe Edition

Deluxe edition of DONDA featuring 4 bonus tracks. Tracklist below:

A1Donda Chant
A4Life Of The Party
A5Off The Grid
B2Praise God
B3Come To Life
B4Believe What I Say
C1No Child Left Behind
C2Up From The Ashes
C3Remote Control Pt 2
C4God Breathed
D1Lord I Need You
D4Never Abandon Your Family
E1Keep My Spirit Alive
E2Jesus Lord Pt 2
F1Heaven And Hell
F2Remote Control
F3Tell The Vision
F5Pure Souls
G1Ok Ok
G2New Again
G3Jesus Lord
H1Ok Ok Pt 2
H2Junya Pt 2
H3Jail Pt 2
H4Keep My Spirit Alive Pt 2