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Noah Crehevsky – Reanimator

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Noah Creshevsky is an early pioneer of electronic and collage music who has been composing since 1971. He was trained by Luciano Berio at Juilliard and Nadia Boulanger in Paris, collaborated with John Cage on the track “In other words” for the EM Records release ‘The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky’, and later became a teacher and director of the Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College and a visiting professor at Princeton University.

‘Reanimator’ is a collection of Noah’s work spanning over three decades, including the new composition “Belle de Jour”. Other pieces like 1980’s “Strategic Defense Initiative” — a blend of kung fu movie sounds, bell samples, and pitch-shifted abstract sound design — are clear precursors to the flourishing post-90s computer music movement, while “Lisa Barnard Redux” and “Tomomi Adachi Précis” — collaborations with vocalists Lisa Barnard and Tomomi Adachi — also combine a modern classical sensibility and exhilarating computer collage.


released February 2, 2018

Music by Noah Creshevsky.
Recorded between 1986 and 2017.

Visual art by Keith Rankin.
Mastered for vinyl by Sean McCann.

“Tomomi Adachi Précis” features the voice of Tomomi Adachi.
“Lisa Barnard Redux” features the voice of Lisa Barnard Kelley.

LP features liner notes by Scott Scholz.


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