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Diamond Soul – Maya’mi

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Maya’mi is the third release and first LP on Orange Milk from Alex Colombo’s Diamond Soul project. The album continues to experiment with hyper-abstracted electronics and collage aesthetics, which Colombo refers to as ‘mixed media’ music. Even though samples are used sparingly on the album, it retains a sense of micro genres and varied sources colliding on a moment to moment basis, a feel that I alway find comparable to fellow Orange Milk artists Koeosaeme, toiret status, and DJWWWW.

I’ve always related to this style of rapid, through-composed music because it moves at a pace similar to an agitated mind, with thoughts appearing and going on tangents second by second. Of course having touched on the music’s pace, I would regret not mentioning that there are also moments of beautiful calm and lengthier melodic phrases at play, like the album closer “Screens” or the ascending lyrical melody in “Sand Dollar Lingo”, where featured artist Eric Mandat’s affected Clarinet sounds like a sampled opera singer. (For those not aware of Eric Mandat, he’s an established educator, composer, and clarinetist that I would recommend looking up.)

The track “Rose Gold” is also a collaboration with Mari Maurice aka more eaze, whose signature auto-tuned vocals meld with MIDI choirs and saxophone before disintegrating into one of the albums sparsest moments where light scratching electronics punctuate stretches of silence.


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