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Lord Spikeheart – The Adept

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The Adept is Lord Spikeheart’s first full-length album. A ferocious debut that ups the intensity and physicality of his previous releases and promises to bring a telluric big bang in sonic extreme experimentation. For this new joint Lord Spikeheart hooked up with various producers and artists from the bass n’ shred universe, among others: Brodinski, Backxwash, Fatboi Sharif, Safety Trance, Rully Shabara (Senyawa), Saionji BBBBBBB and the young Italian producer Talpah. Also featured are Vulture Thrust from the iconic death metal band from Botswana Overthurst, and old-time collaborators Dj Die soon and Dj Scotch Rolex aka (Dj Scotch Egg).

Expect a hallucinatory exploration of metal, aggressive beats, hard trance, crashing techno and abrasive rapping fronting terrifying abysmal screams, incanting chants and hellish growls in the native tongues Kikuyu, Kiswahili, and English. All majestically mixed and mastered by James Ginzburg (Emptyset), who also lends his signature sound design to the track REM Fodder feat. Koenraad Ecker.

The Adept is the first release on Lord Spikeheart’s brand new label HAEKALU RECORDS, an African label dedicated to the darkest, heaviest music from the Continent.

The record is a tribute to the daily fight against oppression in all its forms and comes with a special dedication to Lord Spikeheart’s great grandmother Field Marshal Muthoni wa Kirima who was
the only woman to earn the rank during the Mau Mau uprising against the British colonialists in Kenya.
The lyrics come in a dedicated leaflet with English translation.

If you are fan of: Duma, Backxwash, Godflesh, Denzel Curry, Blackhaine, JPEG Mafia, Rage Against The Machine, Suicide Silence. .


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