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Ames Sanglantes – Canada 666

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Born in 1996, Ames Sanglantes is known from numerous splits and massive amounts of cassette releases including work on Xerxes, Labyrinth Recordings, MSBR, The Rita, Hermit, Autoerotichrist, Alberich, Flutter, Bob Marinelli, and Guilty Connector, despite never having a proper vinyl release until now. In commemoration for the project’s 25-year anniversary, Hospital Productions present an assaulting LP of madness clearly following a trajectory from Masonna “beauty beast” voice noise agony and damning it through the lens of the lesser-known deformed cassette world of the late ’90s and early 2000 tape scene. Unreasonable filters, abusive wine bottle rattles, creepy spacey backgrounds interrupted by knife stabbing metal sheets twisted and gouging in tandem to broken tea cup vocals. Minimalist in palette but a dynamic self-destructive energy cut across a series of “crucifix noise” tracks. Includes download code; edition of 666.


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