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  • Masonna / Prurient – Annihilationism
    Masonna / Prurient – Annihilationism
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    Includes two-sided poster and download code. Years in the making, Annihilationism is a split full-length of brand new material of “harshtronics and exclamation” from Japan’s [...]

  • Thirdorgan – Loch Ness monster
    Thirdorgan – Loch Ness monster
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    New album from Japan’s most extreme noise artist — Thirdorgan. Owner of Alienation Cult label returns to a mysterious and wonderful theme that will be familiar to Thirdorgan fanatics, [...]

  • Geography Of Hell – Verdun, 1916
    Geography Of Hell – Verdun, 1916
    $29.00 | , Add to cart

    LP version. Includes booklet and download code. Verdun, 1916 is full of ghosts. The voices of survivors now departed and the vacuum of the dead. Members of Geography Of Hell […]

  • Kelly Moran / Prurient – Chain Reaction At Dusk
    Kelly Moran / Prurient – Chain Reaction At Dusk
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    Originally initiated for the Merzbow, Kelly Moran, Prurient USA tour (representing three generations of heavy electronics), this archival recording is finally released as Chain Reaction At Dusk. [...]

  • E-Saggila – Corporate Cross
    E-Saggila – Corporate Cross
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    E-Saggila is an enigmatic cult producer in electronics, constructing soaring calm from dynamic turbulence as the era of domesticated destruction and creation arrives. Conceived by Iraqi-born, [...]