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Geography Of Hell – Verdun, 1916

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LP version. Includes booklet and download code. Verdun, 1916 is full of ghosts. The voices of survivors now departed and the vacuum of the dead. Members of Geography Of Hell are rumored to have relatives who fought in the hills, trenches, and bunkers where the longest battle in WWI was campaigned. The follow-up to the acclaimed and collectable Hiroshima/Nagasaki double-LP, Verdun, 1916 expands heavily into the precise combination of martial sound collage and cold mechanical noise fog, supposedly created through archival interviews with veterans, members of GOH traveled to the old battlefields for field recordings, scraping war objects along the side of the old bullet holed pill boxes and collected fragments of shrapnel, helmets, belt buckles, rations, casings etc. Creating hand-made metal percussion and crude art brut electrical conductors. One of the few current industrial collectives (or the only?) that follows in the tradition of the early avant-garde while expanding further into chemical ambience delivered with the neutrality of a doomed soldier’s field side doctor.


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