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Showing 49–96 of 1220 results

  • John Coltrane – Africa Brass (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
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    ABC/Impulse – YS-8501 – AI Comes with OBI & insert Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light discoloration

  • Dollar Brand Quartet ‎– Africa – Tears And Laughter (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $42.00 | , , Add to cart

    Enja Records – 28MJ3124 Early 1980s Japanese reissue Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG, comes with insert & OBI, some brown spots on back of sleeve, mild edge wear, close to VG+

  • Miles Davis – Water Babies (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $55.00 | , , Add to cart

    CBS/Sony – 18AP 2072 Comes with OBI & insert Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light discoloration on both sleeve and OBI, along with a mild tear/wear on OBI

  • John Coltrane – Dakar (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $55.00 | , , Add to cart

    Prestige – LPJ-70020 Comes with OBI & insert Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light wear to corners

  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago ‎– Tutankhamun (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $50.00 | , , Add to cart

    Freedom/Trio – PA-9715 Comes with OBI & insert Media Condition – STRONG VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light wear

  • Albert Ayler ‎– Nuits De La Fondation Maeght Volume 2 (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    RCA – SHP-6202 Comes with OBI Media Condition: VG+ Sleeve Condition: VG+  

  • John Coltrane – Expression (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $40.00 | , , Add to cart

    MCA Records – VIM-5645 1981 Japan Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+, comes with insert & OBI, very faint ringwear, mild edge wear

  • David Bowie – Lodger (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI)
    $45.00 | , , Add to cart

    RCA – RPL-2107 Comes with OBI & insert Media Condition – VG+ with a few stray marks Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • Areski & Brigitte Fontaine ‎– Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme
    $35.00 | , , Add to cart

    Saravah – SH 10041 French pressing, gatefold sleeve, reissue Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ very light marks of discoloration

  • Scott Walker – We Had It All (Japanese Pressing w/ OBI, only pressed in UK & Japan)
    $60.00 | , , Add to cart

    Epic – ECPM-101 Comes with OBI & insert. Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light wear

  • Season Of Life – Peace At Last LP
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Label Description: Composed of gnashed vocals and modular electronics, Peace at Last is the debut LP from Season of Life.   Skeletal and vigorous in equal turns, Peace at Last gestures [...]

  • Half Japanese ‎– Volume One: 1981-1985
    $28.00 | , , Add to cart

    Fire Records – FIRELP342 2014 UK & US Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ for individual record sleeves and inner sleeves with some light wear, VG for box with a partially removed [...]

  • Full Of Hell – Auditory Trauma: Full Of Hell Isolation Sessions LP
    $20.00 | , Read more

    FULL OF HELL – “Auditory Trauma: Full Of Hell Isolation Sessions” LP LP on Red vinyl with 12×12 insert ltd to 250 The 3rd release under the band operated imprint and the [...]

  • Kraftwerk ‎– S/T
    $35.00 | , , Add to cart

    Crown Records – CR 0423-1 2001 Italian bootleg, red vinyl Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • The Velvet Underground ‎– VU
    $22.00 | , , Add to cart

    Verve Records – 823 721-1 Y-1 Comes in original inner sleeve Media Condition – VG+ couple light scuff marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – G+ light ringwear, ripping on bottom left corner of [...]

  • Half Japanese ‎– Volume Three: 1990-1995
    $18.00 | , , Add to cart

    Fire Records – FIRELP309/310/312 2015 UK & US Media Condition – VG+, scuff mark on side A of We Are They…, overall VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+, comes with booklet and original inner [...]

  • Sleaford Mods ‎– Chubbed Up +
    $55.00 | , , Add to cart

    Ipecac Recordings – IPC162LP Comes with booklet Media Condition – VG+ few light scuff marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – VG+

  • The Head Shop ‎– S/T
    $55.00 | , , Add to cart

    Epic – BN 26476 1969 US Media Condition – VG, some light scuff marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – VG, drill hole in top left corner of sleeve, ringwear, mild edge wear

  • Serration – Rites Of Flesh LP
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    Label Description: After a string of strong cassettes and CDs, “Rites Of Flesh” is the debut full-length album from American Heavy Electronics stalwarts Serration. In contrast to the [...]

  • Belle & Sebastian – Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
    $45.00 | , , Add to cart

    2014 Repress Media Condition: VG+ Sleeve Condition: VG+ In Great shape, very small amount of creases on inner sleeve. ******Interested In More Detailed Photos? Shoot us an Email

  • Six Organs Of Admittance – The Veiled Sea
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    “The Veiled Sea” is easily one the most viscerally satisfying records in the Six Organs of Admittance discography. As always, Chasny finds the invisible threads between incongruous [...]

  • Daniel Bachman – Axacan
    $28.00 | , Add to cart

    Daniel Bachman has never shied away from bold musical statements, those that follow his exacting vision for what can be seen as “guitar music”. The bold and engrossing [...]

  • Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Pick A Day To Die
    $20.00 | , Add to cart

    “Pick A Day to Die” is the first proper studio album from Sunburned Hand of the Man in 10 years (A, Ecstatic Peace!). You would be forgiven if you had forgotten in the interim but while Sunburned [...]

  • Klas Trollius – Sånger Till En Människa LP
    $30.00 | , Add to cart

    The fourth release from Discreet Music is another seemingly out-of-nowhere debut album from an Gothenburg artist. To people in Gothenburg, Klas Trollius is probably best known as a DJ and a [...]

  • Horace Tapscott Quintet – The Giant Is Awakened
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    The title of Horace Tapscott’s debut release is apt, if not self-referential, for indeed a giant of West Coast jazz had awakened with this, the pianist/composer/bandleader’s 1969 album for the [...]

  • Love – Four Sail
    $25.00 | , Add to cart

    As Arthur Lee entered the studio to begin the sessions for 1969’s Four Sail, he was the only remaining band member from the previous three LPs’ lineups. Enlisting the aid of Frank Fayad on bass, [...]

  • The United States Of America – s/t
    $29.00 | , Read more

    The United States of America, led by respected modern classical avant garde musician Joseph Byrd, cut a wide swath through the 1968 world of rock, just then comfortably settling in to its [...]

  • Moor Mother – Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes
    $20.00 | , Read more

    Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes is a new full-length by Philadelphia-based artist, poet, and musician, Camae Ayewa, who performs under the name Moor Mother. A sonic black hole is a place where [...]

  • Atrax Morgue – Sickness Report LP
    $22.00 | Read more

    Sickness Report was released in 1996 in CD format for Release Entertainment, a sub-label of Relapse Records for ambient, noise, and experimental works, active between 1992 and 2004. The tracks on [...]

  • Unwound – Challenge For A Civilized Society
    $21.00 | , Add to cart

    Unwound’s paranoid and pulsating sixth album, Challenge For a Civilized Society explores the pre-Y2K technological dread of modern punk living. Producer Steve Fisk threads Justin Trosper’s [...]

  • Songs: Ohia – Ghost Tropic
    $18.00 | , Add to cart

    The sound movement on GHOST TROPIC will seem sudden to some; without warning. To others, it’ll seem a very logical step in a very foreign direction. On its fifth proper full-length, Songs: [...]

  • Erik Wollo – Sources (Early Works 1986-1992)
    $21.00 | , Add to cart

    Unreleased music made between 1986-1996 by this Norwegian ambient master

  • Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    “Roberts isn’t just a storyteller, musician, ethnographer, historian, bandleader, arranger, improviser, or activist. She plays all of those roles, yes: collectively, they power one of the [...]

  • Coil – Time Machines
    $30.00 | , Read more

    Initially a rough demo tape recorded solely by Coil member Drew McDowall, Time Machines started to take full form when McDowall enthusiastically delivered these demo recordings to bandmates John [...]

  • Patrick Belaga – Blutt
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Conceived at the heel of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula in Apulia, Patrick Belaga’s Blutt makes music for the unruly imagination. The title is an old German word for [...]

  • Spellling – The Turning Wheel (black)
    $24.00 | , Read more

    Red velvet curtains draw back to reveal a cosmic wheel of fortune, floating in the deep black star-studded theater of infinite space. A whirl of timbres, personalities, and stories. The Turning [...]

  • Indian Summer – Giving Birth To Thunder
    $23.00 | , Read more

    The fourth leg on the early emo table of Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, and Cap’n Jazz, Indian Summer’s Giving Birth To Thunder compiles their complete discography. Emo’s second wave crashed into [...]

  • Ultimate Spinach ‎– S/T
    $22.00 | , , Add to cart

    MGM Records – SE-4600 Media Condition – VG+ Sleeve Condition – VG+ comes in MGM inner sleeve, which has seam splits down the sides, sleeve has ringwear and some edge wear

  • Lou Reed – Stiff On His Legend
    $45.00 | , , Add to cart

    Bootleg from 1978 Recorded live at the Konserthuset in Stockholm, Sweden on May 14, 1974. Media Condition: VG Sleeve Condition: G+ LP has some marks on both sides, sleeve has lots of wear on [...]

  • Miles Davis – ESP
    $30.00 | , , Add to cart

    1965 US Pressing CS 9150, A Imprint Media Condition: VG Sleeve Condition: G+ Scuff marks on both sides of record. Sleeve has heavy ringwear, small marks in pen next to track names on back of [...]

  • Black Midi – Cavalcade
    $23.00 | , Read more

    black midi’s follow-up to Schlagenheim is a dynamic, hellacious, inventive success. Cavalcade, their second studio album for Rough Trade, scales beautiful new heights, reaching ever upwards from [...]

  • Gang Of Four – Solid Gold
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Matador Records will reissue two of Gang of Four’s critical early works, Entertainment! (1979) and Solid Gold (1981). Both have been remastered from the original analog tapes and will be made [...]

  • Soul Jazz Records Presents: No Seattle – Forgotten Sounds Of The Grunge Era
    $33.00 | , Add to cart

    This compilation features some of the divergent bands emerging out of the North-West during this era. Intensely researched and documented, it features bands who have now disappeared from history, [...]

  • Scott Walker – Tilt
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    “It’s been 25 years since Scott Walker released his dark masterpiece Tilt (8 May 1995). The album was met with positive reviews despite or maybe because of its arcane, unpleasant, [...]

  • Daniel Davies – Spies
    $17.00 | , Add to cart

    Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Have you felt unseen eyes staring at you, monitoring your every move? Composer and guitarist Daniel Davies reflects on this familiar paranoia on his [...]

  • Getting The Fear – Death Is Bigger: 1984-1985
    $19.00 | , Add to cart

    It’s testament to how fertile England’s mid-80’s musical landscape was that the splintering of short-lived post-punk pioneers Southern Death Cult seeded so many memorable but [...]

  • Drab Majesty – Unknown To The I
    $15.00 | , Add to cart

    Drab Majesty’s first release for Dais Records was the “Unknown to the I” cassette in 2015, which featured the title track that would later appear on his debut album [...]

  • Drab Majesty – Unarian Dances
    $17.00 | , Read more

    Drab Majesty’s first ever release was the 2012 self-released cassette tape “Unarian Dances”. Originally limited to 100 copies, tracks from this tape would eventually make their [...]