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The Trendees ‎– Barmaid

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The Trendees uberoscure 2017 cassette for Albert’s Basement has somehow found its way to a 7″ release some seven years later, replete with an extra third track in tow. If i were a betting man, i’d say What Lies Beneath have determined it fit to bring this one back from the dead because of the activity around the Cuticles, the band Matt Plunkett and Austen McMillanwen wentt on to form after the Trendees split. Names may change, but these guys have basically been on the same tear since day dot. Which is to say, Barmaid represents three tracks and a handful of minutes of the same – albeit slightly less refined (be warned: refinement lies this way not) – red line ramshackle ruminations that play like a more hot headed Swell Maps all juiced up on the grog. A lot of teenage zip at play here, whether its players actually were or not: rudimentary, scrappy, a lot of redirected excess energy. Boredom can be one hell of a catalyst.


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