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Steve Gunn – Eyes On The Lines

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eople have written about roads for as long as they’ve been around. And before there were roads, people still wrote about travel and about landscape. Roads are the stages upon which our greatest experiences and desires play out. Steve Gunn’s music has always embraced expanse and movement. Eyes on the Lines is his most explicit ode to the blissful uncertainty of adventure yet.

His solo ventures, emerging over the past decade and culminating most recently the highly-acclaimed Way Out Weather, have been pastoral, evocative a airs. Here he embraces his urban surroundings through a series of songs that fully showcase his extraordinary ability to match hooks to deftly constructed melodies.

These are songs you can take in quickly, but spend all the time in the world devouring. The very large and the very small are present in equal measure. The inability to categorize them within the avalanche of impotent diatribes that pass for categorizationis a testament to their power.

And what a pleasure to have this music presented to the wider public.

This is Steve Gunn’s Matador debut.


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