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Les Levine’s Game Room – A Tribute To The Great American Loser

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*Edition of 200 copies* Les Levine is a naturalized American Irish artist, born October 6, 1935, in Dublin, Ireland. Known as a pioneer of video art and as a conceptual artist working with mass communication. In 1967, he won first prize for sculpture in the Canadian Sculpture Biennial. He designed the cover of the beat poets like John Giorno (founder of Giorno Poetry System). Levine was one of the first artists to work with video and television. His work was to become a precursor to the new generation of experimental artists who were exploring the possibilities of the moving image including Dan Graham, Gary Hill and Bruce Nauman.

However, the A-side is delayed and multi-recorded, giving the image of a street noise or a demo. The B-side is a calm reading like an announcer, and a song like mood music flows quietly in the background.



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