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Blitz – Voice Of A Generation

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What our staff has to say: “Blitz is like the Cheap Trick of 80’s UK Punk but instead of 2 hot guys and 2 ugly guys, it’s 2 punks and 2 skins. Voice Of A Generation stands the test of time, catchy anthems of working class pride mixed with hatred of Maggie Thatcher and authority. Great sounding reissue that’s always a must.” – Dan

Reissue. Raw, violent and catchy, Blitz‘s 1982 debut album sounded like a shot of pure rock n’ roll through the violence of the English working class. Made up by two punks and two skinheads, with a lot to say about violence and football, Blitz appealed to all kinds of lowlifes who finally had a voice for their generation. This new version of the long out-of-print classic includes three bonus tracks (two from the Carry On Oi! compilation and one from the Total Noise compilation).


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