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The Threat – Live In Limerick (1981)

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Legendary Dublin punk band formed in November 1978 by Maurice Foley (guitar/vocals), which had a number of iterations before disbanding in 1981. The Threat built up a following in Dublin and maintained a heavy reputation through the 1979 and 1980. Playing the legendary Dandelion on a couple of occasions towards the end of 1979 and became friendly with members of the Virgin Prunes and U2. Stano, another friend of the band, bought a synthesizer, purely as a sound generator, and joined them. As a nonmusician, his synth added noise and texture to the band’s sound and brought out their experimental side.

This tape of the band’s April 1981 gig in Limerick came to us a few years ago from one of the band members drummer Stephen O’ Brien and it’s been remastered for the perfect cassette experience.



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