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Philip Corner – Philip Corner LP

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Philip Corner (1933) is an American composer, musician, artist, theorist and teacher. Corner studied at The High School of Music & Art and Columbia University NYC and under Olivier Messiaen in Paris in the 1950s. From 1960 to 1961 Corner did military service in Korea, where he studied Korean traditional music and calligraphy, from which he often takes inspiration in his compositions and scores. After his return from Korea Corner was introduced to John Cage and became his teaching assistant together with Richard Maxfield. He took over Cage’s class at the New School for Social Research during the late 1960s and taught music at various schools in New York, which he helped innovate. Through his first wife, astrologer and trance medium Julie Winter, Corner became associated with the Christian-inspired Church of Religious Science, for which he composed meditative music. Corner is a founding member of Fluxus, with which he has been associated since 1961. In the early 1990s he retired from teaching and moved to Italy, where he married dancer and choreographer Phoebe Neville.

Slowscan Vol. 59 is a 12″ vinyl containing Philip Corner’s Gamelan-IX-March: prelude at the World Fair, Vancouver, Indonesian pavillion, 1994, featuring the NYC ensemble Gamelan Son of Lion & fragments of ‘When they pull the Plug’ with miscellaneous native instruments from Surakarta.