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Mark Shippy and Alex Cunningham – Ghost Note LP

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What our staff has to say: “Gripping free improv guitar and violin. Shippy and Cunningham balance disjunct lines with moments of coming together incredibly, creating tension and release without the boundaries of convention.” – Hannah

Ghost Note is an inspired duo exchange between guitarist Mark Shippy and violinist Alex Cunningham. Their first recorded collaboration, Ghost Note is alternately dense and spacious, a free improv gut punch from two artists from different generations, steeped in DIY tradition and established in New Music circles.

Shippy is best known for his work with deconstructionist underground legends U.S. Maple. His idiosyncratic approach to the instrument has influenced a generation of avant-rock musicians. Mark began his career in noise rock groups Snailboy and Shorty, which evolved into U.S. Maple. He was a member of Invisible Things and Miracle Condition, and played in Marnie Stern’s touring band. Recent endeavors include trio recordings with Ben Billington (Tiger Hatchery, Quicksails) and guitarist Daniel Wyche, as well as myriad other collaborative ensembles.

Cunningham has quickly risen to prominence among the free improv cognoscenti. Combining academic acumen with a DIY ethos, his virtuosity is augmented by emotion and intensity. Alex collaborated with Claire Rousay for a release on esteemed label Astral Spirits, and was a member of Vernacular String Trio. He is also one-half of Apathist!, with Chris Trull (Grand Ulena, Yowie), and has recorded with Lisa Cameron & Damon Smith.

Ghost Note comes out June 4 on LP and digital download via the Personal Archives label.


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