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Horoscope – 1 Play Morose CS

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Rene J. Nunez Cabrera is a New York City-based artist and composer operating through various monikers: Begun in 2013, Horoscope is central to his orbit of output. “1 Play Morose” is the latest installment of material from that project, pulling from cinematic tropes and building upon Cabrera’s broader approach to production processes. At his most balanced articulation of unease and bliss, “1 Play Morose” scores the actions of a young woman’s repetitious banalities through the pandemic lockdown in New York City. Originally set to soundtrack a black-and-white film, difficulties in production derailed the project’s development. Nonetheless Cabrera kept the recordings, his most serene and sublime to date.

Rene J. Nunez Cabrera (b. 10/08/84, Miami FL) records sounds and creates multimedia projects as Horoscope, Moist, and under his own name. Cabrera’s live performances are as much a raw, uncensored vehicle of personal catharsis as they are a ritualistic forecast of what the future may hold. With numerous cassette and vinyl releases on labels such as LIES Records, Ascetic House, and Wharf Cat as well as tours with a wide range of artists, Horoscope has been a fixture in North American and European contemporary noise and electronic music circles. His last three albums (“Carne”, “Poems e on magnetic tape”, and “Moist 96”) are all different studies on nostalgia told through sound. His next steps, including “1 Play Morose”, are moving forward rather than looking backwards.


released July 2, 2021

Composed and recorded by Rene J. Nunez Cabrera
Mastering by Glyn Maier
Design and layout by RJM Vanderheyden

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