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Drekka – Beings Of ImberIndus

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“Beings of ImberIndus” was commissioned as a hexaphonic sound installation to accompany the “Beings of ImberIndus” solo soft sculpture show by Carrie Weaver; presented at the I Fell Gallery, Bloomington, IN throughout December 2018 and culminating in a winter solstice ritual of cleansing.

The piece began an intensive six month period of heavy deep listening and drone work for Mkl Anderson’s ritual ambient industrial project, Drekka (Dais Records, Auris Apothecary, Bluesanct).

The initial session was recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland during November 2018. This live, one take session captured a special long form, deep listening performance with longtime collaborator Þórir Georg (Óreiða, ROHT) on bass guitar and Anderson on pitch pipe, metal and voice. The performance was manipulated and distended in real time by Anderson as it was being recorded.

Upon returning home to Bloomington, IN, Anderson began an epic 150+ hour journey, further mixing and mastering the recording. Decisions such as track lengths and tonal shifts were decided upon using the same mathematical equations that Weaver utilizes for her fractal creations; exploring recursive patterns and prime numbers as alchemical instruction.

The resulting work yielded the hexaphonic mix presented for the exhibition, followed by this stereo mix which attempts to approximate the experience of wandering through the playscape Weaver created.

“The Beings of ImberIndus are a polymorphic species that span many realms. Animal and mineral forms evolve together in dynamic patterns, crystalized into velvet soft sculptures. These fractal creatures create a playscape that people of all ages are invited to interact with.”
– Carrie Weaver / Imber, Dec 2018


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